Father of the celebrity was a geologist, and his mother worked as a nightclub dancer and costume designer. Keanu Charles Reeves have three sisters: Kim, Karina and Emma Rose. Keanu flow in Hawaiian, Portuguese, Chinese, Irish and English blood. Keanu Reeves after his appearance in Hollywood in the credits of early films was listed as Norman Reeves, KS Chuck Reeves and AIDS. All because his agent thought the name actor too exotic. Keanu Reeves's parents got divorced back in 1966, when he was only two years old. Three years later, mother and children moved to New York. There one married a Broadway and Hollywood director Paul Aaron. However, the marriage lasted only until 1971, after which the family moved to Toronto, Canada. Where Keanu grew up.

Keanu Reeves and Alice Cooper
Toronto Family Reeves moved opposite the Music Studio, which just at this time musician Alice Cooper wrote his album titled «Alice Cooper Goes to Hell». Strange, but the rock star to remember the little boy who enthusiastically listened to rock motifs. "He liked the loud music, but I wonder what they think of his parents, leaving the child in the care of a group of Alice Cooper ?!" - now says the musician.

The school Keanu Reeves attended reluctantly. Subjects were given to the future of the actor with difficulty. That's because in childhood the boy had suffered from dyslexia, that is a violation of reading and perception of oral and written information. Because of this, Keanu was zakompleksovannym and closed. Unpleasant disease receded with time, however, Reeves obsolete systems until now. As a child actor was fond of chess, and it turned out he did it very well. He even played games with adults, and took a dollar for every game. In adolescence, Keanu Reeves dreamed of becoming a hockey player as to feel confident on the ice. The school has even been nicknamed the "wall" in the game, he was a first-class goalkeeper. By the way, in school, and he was recognized as the most valuable player. At school Keanu Reeves began to work. He worked in the pastry shop. In five years, Reeves had four high schools. Among them, the school of acting craft from which a young man was expelled. And after that gnawed granite science in a Catholic school for boys. When he left there, Keanu started playing hockey and enrolled in the free state school. But it gave up, never received a matriculation certificate. His career as an actor Keanu Reeves started in 15 years. He participated in stage productions at a local club. Game on the stage, he combined with studies at school.

A terrible loss
In 1998, at a party the next actor met Jennifer Syme, who was a friend of her elder sister Keanu, as well as assistant director David Lynch.

Jennifer and Cain began to seriously long affair. The couple had a child born in early 2000. However, a week before the birth ultrasound showed that the girl had died in the womb because of a blood clot in the umbilical cord. "On that day, Jennifer called me to London and sobbed so that I almost could not make out anything. I realized just - something happened to Ava. I bought a ticket and immediately flew to Los Angeles. It turned out our baby died. It was decided to artificially stimulate labor. I was there and saw everything with my own eyes ... "- says Keanu Reeves. And in 2001, did not become the mother and the unborn child actor. 29-year-old Jennifer Syme was broken in a car accident. Jeep girls immediately ran into three parked cars in Los Angeles. The girl died instantly, she did not put on their seatbelt in a collision, and flew out of the car. The police is confident that at the time of the accident, Jennifer was under the influence of drugs or medication. Beloved Keanu buried next to a stillborn daughter. These deaths actor so much worried that now afraid to start a relationship with women. "I have some time to have sex treat with caution. I wave, as if by chance my partner is not pregnant. "

But after the accident, Keanu Reeves took a social video about how important it is to wear seat belt. The actor was convinced that if not this time, Jennifer would have lived.

Reeves' debut as an actor came in 1979. For Canadian television, he starred in commercials (including Coca-Cola), as well as several short films in Toronto. His first role in a studio film came in 1986. He played the role of a hockey goalie in the film Peter Markle "Young Blood". After the release of the tape Keanu Reeves has received the green card and went to Los Angeles. His ex-stepfather Paul Aaron helped him settle into the city and found an agent. After that Keanu Reeves played a few minor roles, and received very good reviews from critics for her role in the teen drama "On the banks of the River," which appeared in 1986. The picture was quite popular in the late 80s and brought the actor a few roles, including the film "Eternal Song" in 1989 about suicides of teenagers, and the comedy "Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure."

By the way, in 1986, Reeves was offered to play the role of Chris in the ordinary picture 1986 "Platoon." However, because of their negative attitude to the role of violence, he refused. So she went to Charlie Sheen. In the early 90s Keanu Reeves has starred in big-budget films. In 1991, he screens out thriller "Point Break", but then there was an independent film "My Own Private Idaho." But the next film in 1994, "Even Cowgirls are sometimes sad," was criticized. But that did not stop the actor played in the successful movie "Speed" in the same year. This was followed by work on the movie "Johnny Mnemonic" and "Chain Reaction". However, the tape did not meet expectations on cash earnings. In 1994 Keanu Reeves refused to star in the film "Real" with Al Pacino and Robert De Niro and rejects lucrative offer work in the sequel to "Speed". For this role, they say, he was promised $ 11 million. But the actor starts to work in the film "The Devil's Advocate." The popularity fell on the Keanu Reeves of the blue in 1999. It was at this time on the screen comes the cult movie "The Matrix." Reeves' Neo Hero was the most popular movie characters of the past century. Money flowed from the film, and critics have declined, the term "neo-realism" in every way. And even such a fact that the hacker Neo Keanu did not have a computer at home, not confused fans. But the gaps between the first part of "The Matrix" and its sequels Keanu Reeves starred in several films, which had a modest negative reviews and box office, such as "Sweet November," "hardbol" and "observer". And here is the continuation of "The Matrix" and the movie "Constantine" opposite Keanu Reeves returned to the public interest.

Terrible disease
In January 2003 his sister Kiany Reeves starts progressing leukemia, which a woman suffered for 10 years. Actor refuses to act in time, the continuation of "The Matrix" (the work had to be postponed), and spent all his time with a dying sister. A few years later the actor took part in the "Stars against cancer" and said that his sister had leukemia, which she managed. In January 2005 year, Keanu Reeves had his own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Keanu Reeves


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Reeves' father earned his GED while imprisoned in Hawaii for selling heroin at Hilo International Airport. He abandoned his wife and family when Reeves was three years old, but Reeves knew him until he was six. They last met on the island of Kauai when Reeves was 13. Reeves moved around the world frequently as a child, and lived with various stepfathers. After his parents divorced in 1966, his mother became a costume designer and moved the family to Sydney, and then to New York City, where she married Paul Aaron, a Broadway and Hollywood director, in 1970. The couple moved to Toronto and divorced in 1971. When Reeves was 15, he worked as a production assistant on Aaron's films. Reeves' mother then married Robert Miller, a rock music promoter, in 1976; the couple divorced in 1980. She subsequently married her fourth husband, a hairdresser named Jack Bond. The marriage ended in 1994. Grandparents and nannies babysat Reeves and his sisters, and Reeves grew up primarily in the Yorkville neighbourhood of Toronto, Ontario.