The daughter of famous musician Ozzy Osbourne Kelly very early got on television screens thanks to the reality show and become famous. Born in such a famous family, she had no other way, too, how to become a media personality, may this path, and it began with a chronicle of scandalous news.

Childhood of Kelly Osbourne
Kelly Osbourne was born October 27, 1984 in a family of well-known British singer Ozzy Osbourne and Shannon. In addition to her family the Osbournes were older sister Amy's younger brother Jack. Kelly also has a stepbrother and stepsister Jessica Hobbs and Louis John Osbourne Ozzy from his first marriage.

Childhood Kelly fell to career peak rock singer Ozzy Osbourne, lead singer of Black Sabbath. Most of the childhood she spent in various colleges in the UK and also in hotels, when his father toured with her concerts around the world. Inappropriate behavior Ozzy Osbourne left its mark on the character and demeanor of the future star. Often the father was in a state of intoxication or taking drugs, there have been instances when he raised his hand to his wife.

By age 15, Kelly Osbourne and his family moved to Los Angeles, Beverly Hills area. Since that moment, the girls began entertaining life with night clubs, parties, etc. Shannon Osbourne, in turn, hard to control his daughter, not failing to even hire a private detective to watching Kelly. "It was my mother - said in an interview with the girl -" and that's exactly what she did. "

Beginning of career Kelly Osbourne
Kelly Osbourne's career began in 2002, when the screens of television for the first time came the reality show "The Osbournes." The show was a hit, and the singer was at the heart of its success. The youngest daughter stood Osbournes catchy looks and nasty character. This wayward behavior have been the subject of discussion in many leading media and Internet.

In the wake of the success of Kelly began his musical career in 2002, releasing a solo album titled "Shut up!". However, the album is very popular and has not received. She recorded duets with his father, a rock band Pure Rubbish and some other British artists. Sophomore album, "Dream" has caused some stir among fans and journalists, as on the cover of Kelly looked considerably grown thin. In 2004, Osborne made her debut as an actress, having played in a duo with his father in the teen movie "Life as it is."

Around the same period, Kelly heavily addicted to alcohol and drinking. In 2005, after the end of a family reality show in a girl's life was once two events - she fell in Drug Treatment Center in Pasadena and released another album «Sleeping in the Nothing». In 2006, she starred in several films, especially noticeable was the role of the women's prison matron in the sensational musical "Chicago." Also participated in a variety of entertainment shows on TV channel MTV. Subsequent years Osbourne has continued to actively act in various films and television projects.

In 2009, Kelly took part in the show "Dancing with the Stars," in which not only was able to take third place, but managed to lose significant weight. From that moment Osborn ceased to hold constant scandalous image. The turning point in the career of Kelly was the release of the autobiographical book "Furious." In addition, the singer and actress for some time led the column in the teen newspaper, has launched its own clothing line «Stiletto Killers» and was the face of the brand Accsessorize.

So far in his career Kelly Osbourne released three albums and starred in 10 films and television series. She did not once was nominated and became the winner of many musical awards.

PERSONAL LIFE of Kelly Osbourne
In September 2006, at the festival "Electric Picnic" in Ireland, Osbourne and her boyfriend, Matty Derham held a wedding ceremony. Later Kelly denied that the ceremony was and the marriage is not considered valid. In March 2009, Kelly was engaged to Luke Uorellom, a year later, in July 2010, she broke up with him. The motivation for the termination of the engagement of Louis served as a betrayal to the model Elle Scheider.

About his personal life especially Kelly Osbourne does not apply. According to rumors, she also met with Robert Damian. The last passion of a star is a specialist in vegan cuisine Matthew Mosshart, with whom they met at the wedding of the famous model Kate Moss.

In early 2013, the couple secretly got engaged. According to most of Kelly's love between a truly mutual, - "he just wants to love me, and I just want to be loved by them," says in an interview with the girl. But in early 2014, the couple announced the separation, saying it will remain friends. According to rumors the reason for the gap was Matthew: the young man was wrong.

In mid-summer, the singer posted a photo and social networking with the young man, who was once dubbed her new lover. It appeared to be a British male model Ricky Hall. According to Kelly, he conquered it with his beard.

Kelly Osbourne is quite actively involved in charity. So in 2007 he took part in the "Salon", which recounts what happens to a person after a positive test result for HIV infection. An example was her cousin Terry Logden.

In April 2010, together with her mother Shannon Osbourne took part in the campaign which prohibits infringement of the rights of people with different sexual orientation. The company also participated stars such as Elton John, Whoopi Goldberg, Kim Kardashian, Cynthia Nixon and others. As a part of the Salvation Army helped the victims of Hurricane Sandy impact of Staten Island in November 2012.

Kelly Osbourne NOW
Currently, Kelly Osbourne actively engaged in social life. At the same time the singer has consistently attracted the attention of the paparazzi, that radically changes its appearance. It is significantly lost weight and maintained exclusively correct way of life. On a replica of the journalist that it may be like millions of other skinny stars, Kelly said, "If you need a girl-disaster following the next Hollywood-starlet. I want to become a good adult. This, too, I will. I just went. "

In the summer of 2014 Kelly Ozborye once again attracted the attention of the extravagant antics she stuffed a tattoo on his head in the form of inscriptions «Stories ...», devoted to its new collection of clothes for girls up to size 60. In October 2014 the producers accepted the offer of the star show "Australia's Next Top Model", which acted as a judge.

Kelly Osbourne


Wiki info

Her debut album, Shut Up, was released by Epic Records in 2002 to moderate American sales, but good European sales. The lead single, a cover of Madonna's "Papa Don't Preach", debuted with Houston rock band Pure Rubbish at the 2002 MTV Film Awards. The album, which debuted at No. 1 on Billboard's Heatseekers chart, was met with mixed critical reviews and, by May 2003, Osbourne was dropped from Epic Records. By autumn she was on the Sanctuary label, later recording a duet of "Changes" (a Black Sabbath song) with her father. The duet hit No. 1 on the UK charts and resulted in a reissue of Shut Up, titled Changes. "Changes" was one of a few tracks to have fallen down the charts (from 1–3) whilst selling more copies than the week it reached number 1. Osbourne was the first artist to top all three of the Billboard charts dance surveys in the same week with the "Chris Cox Club Remix" of "One Word". Her second album Sleeping in the Nothing was not without controversy, due to its reportedly heavily altered album cover, in which Osbourne appeared slimmer, despite her previous assertions of being happy with her size.