American actress Kristen Stewart was born James in Los Angeles, California, April 9, 1990. When Kristen was a baby, her family moved to Colorado (along with his older brother Cameron), however briefly, then went back to Los Angeles. There her father, John Stewart worked as an assistant director and as a producer and director of various shows on the channel Fox.

School Debut
For the first time Kristen Stewart appeared on stage at school. Girl played in a Christmas setting. In the speech, by coincidence, it was a Hollywood agent who noticed the talent of Kristen. The man immediately called the parents and offered to schoolgirls to maintain the interest of their daughter to the art of acting. Mom and Dad were initially against the undertaking, however, they persuaded Kristen Stewart and in 8 years has started to go to auditions for films and TV series. On television, Stewart appeared in the 1999 production of "The Thirteenth Year" channel Disney Channel. A few years later the girl got more serious once - in the independent melodrama "The Safety of Objects," Rose Trochu. In the film the young actress played the daughter of a single mother.

Unsuccessful assault on Hollywood
Already in 2002, Kristen got into a major Hollywood picture. Stewart replaced Hayden Panettiere in David Fincher's "Panic Room." In the tape were involved such "veterans" of the Western show business, like Forest Whitaker, Jodie Foster and Patrick Basho.

Still Kristen Merkle on their background and played its role adequately and convincingly. Critics have even compared it to the famous colleague on the set in his youth. Following "Panic Room" followed by the daughter of Sharon Stone and Dennis Quaid in the thriller "Cold Creek Manor". Tape Mike Figgis was released in 2003. Spectators picture is quite disheartening. The next was the work in uncomplicated teen comedy called "Catch That Kid." Here Kristen Stewart played her first leading role, and appeared before the public in the form of a girl-climber, which is solved in the bank robbery. In such a desperate step heroine Stewart decided for a seriously ill father, who had needed money for the operation. Young audience picture liking. And she was able to successfully Kristen show their dramatic and comedic skills.

In 2004, the actress participated in the filming of a psychological drama "Undertow." Despite the fact that this was a project of the famous director Davila Gordon Green and producer Terrence Malick and starring were stars such as Jamie Bell, Josh Lucas and Dermot Mulroney, the picture almost won wide hire. Another tape, in the same year, became the best-selling novel adaptation of Laurie Halse Anderson, "Speak." Kristen Stewart had quite a difficult role. Its heroine - schoolgirl named Melinda, stops to chat with the people after she was raped by a high school student. However, she is still capable of vivid and sardonic comments, but pronounces them himself. Kristen Stewart dostoyano embodied on-screen complex role. However, this movie was released and did not leave, but only has been shown in a shortened form on television. In 2005 he was made into a film in the genre of space Jon Favreau fantasy "Zathura." Kristen Stewart played a girl who is constantly frozen and they were for a long time simply lying motionless on the floor. However, the actress showed her acting talent here. Critics liked the picture, but failed at the box office tape.

In the same year, Kristen gets a major role in the Canadian film directed by Griffin Dunne's "Fierce People." The tape was put on the novel by Dirk Uittenborna. The drama tells the story of a trip with a complex fate masseuse (played by Diane Lane), together with his son to his rich friend in the United States. This film was released in limited release. In 2006, followed by work in the drama "In the Land of Women" with Meg Ryan and Adam Brody. In 2007 Christa got the main role in the thriller "The Messengers" of the famous Thai directors Oxide Pang and Denii. Critics took a picture of a hostile reception, and the audience is simply ignored. At the same time Stewart removed "Into the Wild" Sean Penn - the film adaptation of the bestseller about a young man traveler John Krakauer. And then the picture is debuting director Mary Stuart Masterson "The Cake Eaters." Kristen played a girl who suffers from a serious illness.

In the late fall of 2007 it was announced that Kristen Stewart got the role of Bella Swan in "Twilight" - a romantic thriller based on the book by Stephenie Meyer. In Russia, by the way, the film was released in rent November 20th, 2008 - a day earlier than in America. Following the twilight comes a comedy drama based on the book "What Just Happened" producer Art Linson. In addition to Kristen in the movie he was involved in Robert De Niro, Sean Penn and Bruce Willis. In early 2009, it appeared on the wide screen comedy "Adventureland," Greg Motolly. Kristen Stewart sang one of their main roles.

And at the end of the same year came the continuation of the saga "Twilight" - "New Moon." It is for this role, Stewart was awarded the MTV awards as "Best Actress" and "Best Kiss" with Robert Pattinson. "I like to play and I'm really grateful for the" Twilight "and the opportunities that they have opened for me. But I just do not really like the fact that I was constantly persecuted. I can not just walk down the street or sit in a cafe with friends, no permanent deposition and hubbub around! "- Says Kristen. In 2009 and 2010, Kristen Stewart is involved in several projects. She was withdrawn, including, in the third part of "Twilight" plays a girl to help the unfortunate family survive the death of his daughter in the film "Welcome to the Rileys" and transforms into a leader of a rock band Joan Jett in The Runaways, and the girl who He is trying to survive in a prison hell in "K-11".

Interesting Facts
For the role in the movie "Panic Room" was originally planned Hayden Panettiere. It was connected with the fact that the main role claimed by Nicole Kidman. However, after the latter withdrew from the project, Foster chose Kristen Stewart, because of resemblance with him.

Actress three times been nominated for "young actor" (for "Panic Room," "Cold Creek Manor" and "Undertow"). However, the reward has never fallen into the hands of the girl. In his spare time surfing the actress for her role in "Twilight" girl wore brown contact lenses. It was necessary to match the on-screen image of the heroine from the book. In fact, Kristen green eyes. Also in the film, she starred in a wig. That's because for a role in «The Runaways» girl made a ragged haircut "Mallet". According to David Fincher, during the filming of "Panic Room," Stewart grew almost 8 centimeters. At the beginning of the film Stuart below Jodie Foster, and at the end - above (the actress is now growth of 1 meter 68 centimeters).

Personal life
Since 2004, Kristen Stewart romantically involved with actor Michael Angarano. With the young man the actress met on the set of the painting "Speak."

Union collapsed in 2009. After working on the film "Twilight", in 2008, Kristen met with actor Robert Pattinson. With him Stuart constantly attributed novels. However, the couple never confirmed their relationship.

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Stewart appeared as teenager Lucy Hardwicke in In the Land of Women (2007), a romantic drama starring Meg Ryan and Adam Brody. The film, as well as Stewart's performance, received mixed reviews. That same year, Stewart had a small role in the Sean Penn-directed adaptation Into the Wild. For her portrayal of Tracy – a teenage singer who has a crush on young adventurer Christopher McCandless (played by Emile Hirsch) – Stewart received mixed reviews. While Salon. com considered her work a "sturdy, sensitive performance", and the Chicago Tribune noted that she did "vividly well with a sketch of a role", Variety's critic Dennis Harvey said, "It's unclear whether Stewart means to be playing hippie-chick Tracy as vapid, or whether it just comes off that way. " After Into the Wild, Stewart had a cameo appearance in Jumper and also appeared in What Just Happened, which was released in October 2008. She co-starred in The Cake Eaters, an independent film that has been screened only at film festivals. Both the film and Stewart's performance received many positive reviews. Critic Bill Goodykoontz from The Arizona Republic said that Stewart "really shines. . . . She excels at both aspects of the performance, giving Georgia a strength that defies any sort of pity one might feel for her, without letting us forget her vulnerability".