Family of Kylie was quite intelligent and not directly related to the world of show business. Pope litsedeystvoval, but the maximum that he did was tell some stories. Mom worked as a dancer. As a child, Kylie was very shy. Not to participate in any school activities, just once we saw her in a school production as Cinderella.

Mother's will
But since childhood Minogue engaged in choreography and music. In nine years, she appeared for the first time on television, in serial movie «The Sullivans» and «Skyways». Initially, my parents decided that the actress may be younger Danny dock, but samples chosen Kylie. My mother decided that the proposals of the directors do not have to give up, so signed. This mother's choice and allowed her eldest daughter to become an actress. The first working day in the show Minogue rose to the camera and minted text that helped her mom taught. But despite the praise of critics and filmmakers, Kylie continued to be a little girl with his usual life. The parents even forbade the girl to use makeup, wearing earrings and meet with the boys without permission. Mom and Dad to control every step daughter.

In 1986, Kylie released from school and immediately adopted the proposal to play in the series "Neighbours" Dzheymonm with Donovan. Then the fee actress was 2 thousand dollars per week. The film showed only in the evenings, while the actors realize that their destiny is literally watching the world. Here Kylie and decided to seriously pursue an acting career. In 20 years in the bank Minogue was lying five awards «Logie».

Worst Actress
Further, the way lucky Australian lying immediately to the top of the stairs star. Kylie brilliantly played in the melodrama "criminals" of 1989, in which she got the role of a young girl originally from Australia 50s. Critics laughed at the picture, but it was accompanied by a good commercial success. In 1994, after a short break, Kylie Minogue became a colleague of Jean Claude Van Damme in an action movie called "Street Fighter". This painting is based on a computer game popular at the time. However, the film did not bring popularity of the actress, Bole, even was rejected by fans of computer games. Critics gave bad reviews, but even reporters have dared to name the worst actress of the English-language film. Do not attracted the attention of the audience and the film "Bio-Dome", "Director's Cut", "Diana and I" where the actress appeared.

Outshine Nicole Kidman
But in 2001, Baz Luhrmann's Australian director was so impressed musical tour girl «Intimate and Live», he offered her a role in "Moulin Rouge." Episodic work, in which she sang Kylie from the musical "The Sound of Music" has become significant. The film worked Evan McGregor Nicole Kidman. After the release of all Hollywood pictures are literally mad, but even in the mind of Minogue had no purpose to eclipse Kidman. In 2001, she starred in the TV show "Friday Night with Jonathan Ross". In 2005, the Christmas series "Doctor Who" gave a chance to get closer to Kylie superstar status. She has acted in the role of Astrid Pett, also played Dr. Scot David Tennant. By the way, this is the longest in the world of science-fiction series. Tape has become a cult in many countries, moreover, it affected many telestsenaristov. However, Kylie film career was not as successful as we would like. In 2005, she, along with Emmy Smiart and Seth Green played in the melodrama "A witness at the wedding," Stephen Schwartz. This is a story about the adventures of a young man Ollie, who discovered his talent as a writer, but lost the inspiration. In 2006, the celebrity was cast in the documentary "Bombs and Tinseltauna action." It should be noted that the popular actress even seems a little on his heels. Regarding its growth there is a lot of controversy, different sources say different data about its growth. All they range from 150 to 158 centimeters.

In 1988 Minoyg suddenly abandoned filming in the popular TV series "Neighbours", and decided to pursue his musical career. In the same year she released a debut album «I Should Be So Lucky». Immediately she became a celebrity, and even the idol of young people from Britain. Her drive «Enjoy Yourself» lingered long on the first lines of the British charts. It spread around the world with a circulation of one million copies. As a result, Kylie became perhaps the most-promoted star of the late 80's early 90-ies.

And if Kylie originally appeared in the form of yard girls, then in 1991 it has become a sexy babe. It only contributed to the popularity. Minogue appeared constantly in the tabloids, mostly because of the affair with the singer «INXS» Michael Hutchence. In 1992, she released her fifth album «The Greatest Hits» and immediately got on top of the British charts. Two years later, she released another record «Kylie Minogue», as well as single «Confide In Me». In 1996, together with the artist Nick Cave recorded a song «Where The Wild Roses Grow». Two years later, Kylie Minogue presented listeners seventh album «Impossible Princess», it went platinum. In 1999, she appeared on the top of the charts with the song «Spinning Around». Next came the disco pop album «Light Years».

In autumn 2001, Kylie Minogue literally blew up the charts its new hit «Can not Get You Out Of My Head». A month later came the album «Fever», and which responded favorably to criticism. The album earned the singer in 2002 two awards «Brit Awards». And in 2004, the artist collected his best songs on one disk, it is called «Ultimate Kylie». However, there were two new single «I Believe In You» and «Giving You Up». Then she went to the grand tour, but I could not enjoy it because of the terrible diagnosis - breast cancer. A few months later Kylie had the surgery was successful. Next Minogue took chemotherapy and appeared in public only in 2005.

Personal life
Life Kylie Minogue at a glance, but few know about her personal experiences. The actress had a lot of fans, they always did to her marriage proposal. However, I am waiting for true love Kylie. First, it romantically involved with Michael Hatensom, then began dating actress colleague poly Shore, and then with rocker Lenny Kravitz. After Minogue was engaged to Olivier Martinez.

Actress received serious injury after falling out with a model James Gooding. A young man she had lived for three years. However, the former lovers remained friends.

Further, the actress said that she intends to have a baby and pick up a lock to stay for $ 27 million. However, the locals spoke strongly against such a neighborhood. They said that with the settlement Kylie quiet life in their district over. With this Minogue agreed.

Kylie Minogue


Wiki info

Born and raised in Melbourne, Australia, Minogue has worked and lived in the United Kingdom since the 1990s. She signed to PWL in 1987 and released her first studio album Kylie the next year. In 1992, she left PWL and signed with Deconstruction Records and where she created her self-titled studio album and Impossible Princess, both of which received positive reviews from critics. Returning to more mainstream dance-oriented music, Minogue signed to Parlophone and released "Spinning Around". Her 2001 single "Can't Get You Out of My Head" became one of the most successful singles during the 2000s, selling over ten million units. It is recognised as her "signature song" and was named "the catchiest song ever" by Yahoo! Music. Her album Fever (2001) was a hit in many countries, including the United States. Throughout her career, Minogue has released many successful singles, including "I Should Be So Lucky", "The Loco-Motion", "Especially for You", "Hand on Your Heart", "Better the Devil You Know", "Confide in Me", "Spinning Around", "Slow", "2 Hearts" and "All The Lovers".