Lena Headey is a popular English actress, who became widely known for a variety of bright and inimitable roles in film and television. She is smart, talented and incredibly beautiful. Her roles sink into the soul, so every movie her character always attract the love and respect. Last stellar role of the famous British actress is currently the role of cold and stiff queen in the popular TV series "Game of Thrones." But needless to say that this particular role was the apogee of her artistic career? Of course not. After all, a charming English lady, certainly, yet time will please us many unforgettable roles.

Lena Headey Childhood, Family
The family of the future famous actress was born in the English city of Yorkshire. However, despite this, our today's hero was born thousands of kilometers away from these places. The thing is that the father of Lena Headey - an officer of the Police Academy - shortly before the birth of his daughter was sent for service to Bermuda, where a short time later and the future actress was born. On the distant sea archipelago Lena and her family lived for five years, and then returned to his hometown of Yorkshire. At this point in his childhood and youth of our today's heroine. She grew the most common child and almost does not manifest their creative abilities. It is noteworthy that at an early age Lena Headey is not interested in acting profession. She did not attend theatrical circles as other well-known actors, has not performed on stage in school or student productions. During this period, she is actively interested in fashion and style, and cherished the dream of becoming a famous stylist or barber. However, the fate apparently had other plans for this young British beauty. Already in 1991, when our current heroine was not yet eighteen, it drew the attention of the manager for the casting, which gave Lena your business card and invited her to participate in the selection of actors for the new film by Stephen Gyllenhaal "At the water". She agreed, and very soon became a partner on the set of such famous actors as Jeremy Irons and Ethan Hawke.

This picture has become very successful at the box office and brought the young actress first popularity. And it is worth noting, this result was fully deserved. Even while preparing for the role of Lena Headey seriously engaged with the teachers of acting, attending clubs and riding ... Boxing! With all the efforts, our current heroine has done with the role (which, incidentally, was quite large), and a few months later, felt popular actress.

Attracted the attention of prominent producers and directors, the young actress has become a frequent star in a movie. Already in the next five years on the screens out of nineteen (!) Of new films featuring Lena Headey. The most prominent of them became the film "Remains of the Day", "Century", "The Jungle Book", "grotesque", "Merlin" and the TV series "The Hunger" and "The gang of gold." All mentioned above allowed the tape Lena Headey become a significant person in the European and American cinema, as well as to establish itself as a popular and recognizable actress. In subsequent years, the directors began to offer her a more significant role. One of which was a dramatic tape "Aberdeen", which later became sverhudachnym for the young actress. By showing itself as a serious character actress, heroine of our today received many laudatory comments of European critics, and with them - the award European Film Festival in the category "Best Actress." Then Lena Headey has been put forward several times with this picture on the various film awards, but other prizes, unfortunately, did not receive. Despite this, in the next few years on the screens out a whole series of brilliant films with the participation of today's heroine. Successful steel tape "Gossip," "Ripley's Game", "The Brothers Grimm", "cave", "Imagine Me & You", "Shooter," "Red Baron", "300" and many others. The role of the Queen of Garga in the last of the tapes brought Lena Headey several new prestigious nominations. But no prize. Likewise was the case with a picture of "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles." The role of the legendary actress Sarah Connor brought a lot of different categories that have not materialized in prizes and awards. However, its main prize, our heroine today still received. Many colorful ribbons made Lena Headey one of the most popular actresses in modern cinema, and provide it with new roles without interest. Blockbusters "Judge Dredd 3D», «Judgment Night", "The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones", as well as the legendary series "Game of Thrones" talented Briton made popular in all corners of our planet.

Lena Headey NOW
In recent years, the actress has traveled a lot in films. So, today we can confidently say that the new awards and nominations will definitely find this incredibly talented and beautiful actress.

PERSONAL LIFE of Lena Headey
In his free time shooting Lena Headey practices yoga and boxing. In food it adheres to the principles of vegetarianism, which is shared by her close friend the actress Piper Perabo ("Imagine Me & You", "time loop").

As for love stories, in this regard, we should mention two important novel in the life of the British actress. For a long time the actress met actor Jason Flemyng, with whom he starred in "The Jungle Book." This alliance emerged in 1994 year and ended nine years later. In May of 2007 Lena Headey married musician Peter Paul Lougrena. As a result of the loving union was born the son of Wiley Eliot (2010 born). Despite the presence of a child in common, in 2011, the couple broke up. In July 2012, the Lena Headey officially filed for divorce.

Lena Headey