Lucy Liu - a talented actress and just beautiful. Talking about it is always very nice, because her life and artistic career full of many bright events. Currently, this petite beauty American popular on both sides of the Atlantic. But she managed to achieve such a stunning success? At what point Lucy Liu for the first time felt the current Hollywood star? To understand this, you can read our short biographical review of the creative and way of life of this vibrant beauty.

The future star of American cinema was born in the bustling and multicultural New York in a family of immigrants from the island of Taiwan. Lucy Liu's father worked as a civil engineer. My mother was a biochemist. Despite the status of immigrants, the family of the future actress has always been pretty consistent. For this reason, the future actress was able to attend a prestigious secondary school Stuyvesant, as well as the music school (accordion).

Good education enabled Lucy Liu with no problems to enter the City University of New York, but at this point our current heroine paused briefly. Only a year later she left the Big Apple and moved to the town of Ann Arbor, where he was admitted to the famous University of Michigan. Here, the future star of American cinema began to study the Chinese language and culture, and very soon received a degree in data subjects. The period of study at the University of Michigan is also notable for the fact that it was here that took stage debut our current heroine. Already in 1989, Lucy Liu starred in a production of "Alice in Wonderland", which later was a great success. Perhaps it was this small success has forced to think about the future actress's career in film. In the early nineties she began frequenting various auditions and managed to get a few small roles in American TV series. Despite the fact that the role of Lucy Liu were fairly minor, the sheer scale of the movies still commands respect. Thus, in the early career of today's heroines are such popular series as "The X-Files," "NYPD Blue," "Beverly Hills 90210," "LA Law" and some others. In 1993, the young actress starred in a short film by Darren Aronoffski "Protozoa," and two years later also received quite a large role in the dramatic films "Jerry Maguire."

In addition, all this period she continued to star in a television series, having featured in such popular projects as the "King of the Hill," "Hercules: The Legendary Journeys," "Nash Bridges", "Ambulance", where she worked on a film set with George Clooney and many others. Each of these roles was for Lucy Liu small step to dizzying world of American cinema. She worked a lot on their roles, and very soon the fate smiled at her wide smile. In 1997, Lucy Liu had a starring role in the TV series "Ally McBeal." This role has become the first truly brilliant work in the career of a young actress. Played the role of a lawyer Ling Woo, the girl became popular in America. From this moment for US-Taiwanese actress began a completely new life.

Some time later for her role in the TV series "Ally Makbill" Lucy Liu was nominated for the "Emmy" and also appeared among the nominees, "the US Screen Actors Guild Award." At this point, our current heroine for the first time feel like a celebrity. Her fees began to grow rapidly, and she began to receive more and more attractive offers for the shooting. In the period from 1997 to 2000, the year she starred in several striking films, which have strengthened the popularity of Asian-American actress. So, the most striking works of this period was the film "Payback", "City of Industry", "to the Bone," Charlie's Angels "and some others. The actress worked with Hollywood actors like Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore, Bill Murray and others. Filming in the last of these bands brought the actress the national love, as well as several attractive promotional offers. In particular, Lucy Liu has become the face of Revlon, and also starred for several different magazines.

In 2003, the screens came the continuation of the legendary "Angels." In between shots in the first and second parts of the movie actress managed to withdraw in such popular films as "Ballistic: Ecks vs. Sever" and in the musical "Chicago." It is worth noting that the year 2003 has become altogether very successful for our today's heroine. During this period saw the release of "Kill Bill", the role of which was built by Lucy Liu in a rank of one of the brightest stars in Hollywood. For this acting job she won MTV Movie Awards in the "Best kinozlodeyka." Here its partners became Uma Thurman. Even as a full American movie star actress went on to appear in various television and film projects. Among the most notable bands with the actress is attributed movie Lucky Number Slevin, "Domino", "Detachment", "Nicknamed cleaner" and some others. The work on the last of these films Lucy Liu participated not only as an actress but also as a producer. In addition, one of the most striking works include the TV series actress is "elementary" in which Lucy Liu plays a major role. Above the new episodes called tape actress working today.

Lucy Liu NOW
Currently, Lucy Liu is still not married. She lives in New York with his brother and his wife. There are no specific comments about his personal life 44-year-old actress does not. Therefore, representatives of the writing fraternity can only speculate.

In the fall of 2013. actress was spotted in the company of white-haired man, with whom she was walking to the shops in New York. American newspapers began to speculate about the new novel of the actress, but no more or less compelling evidence of the presence of a love affair between an actress and a mysterious stranger at the moment.

Lucy Liu