Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone was born in Bay City, Michigan, August 16 1958. Celebrity Mother - of a kind Canadian French - Madonna Louise Fortin, and his father - American Italian Silvio "Tony" Ciccone, was an engineer-designer at the factory Chrysler / General Motors. Madonna was the third child in a family where all born six children. In her race, by the way, was the Duchess Camilla Kornoulskaya. Madonna grew up in a devout Catholic family in suburban Detroit. As recognized by the singer, she was a general favorite as a child, everyone thought the girl "with compliments". "With me harshly treated, but I did not allow myself to wipe on his feet and his only emphasized the foreignness" - says Madonna. The singer soon lost her mother, who died at the age of 30 years from breast cancer. Star Father remarried. Admission mom Madonna became the family maid, Joan Gustafson, who had two more children of their own. Half-brother and sister became a celebrity, Jennifer and Mario. Little Madonna has persuaded her father to let her to ballet lessons. The girl went to the school of St. Frederick and St. Andrew, as well as the West Middle School. When she enrolled at Rochester Adams High School and became a full-fledged school girl, as well as a member of a support group. After schooldays Madonna received a dance education at the University of Michigan. For ballet teacher persuaded the girl to build a career as a dancer, Madonna left the university.

After celebrity moved to New York. There, she can barely make ends meet, living in poverty and worked at Dunkin 'Donuts and a number of dance groups. Now Madonna remembers that period of his life as the most desperate: "When I arrived in New York, it was the first time I flew on an airplane for the first time even call a taxi - it was the first time. I arrived with 35 dollars in his pocket. It was my most courageous act in life. " In 1979, Madonna danced the French actor Patrick disco Eronandesa during his world tour and went crazy with the musician Dan Gilroy. With the latter later pop diva created her first rock band called The Breakfast Club. Madonna played drums and guitar as well as singing. Then, in 1982 she created a group of Emmy with former lover and drummer Stephen Bray. Creative tandem wrote and produced dance songs that were quite popular in nightclubs in New York. Madonna demos so impressed DJ and producer Mark Kamins, he introduced a rising star with Sire Records founder Seymour Stein.

Beginning of career
Over the next year Madonna was recording demos and dance with "Gotham Productions" distribute them. However, cooperation with the company was short-lived, Madonna decided to start all over again. With the support of Bray she made a new demo recording of four "street" melodies: «Is not No Big Deal», «Stay», «Burning Up» and «Everybody». Distribute them to the right people own Madonna.

To promote his work Madonna chose "Dunster" in Manhattan. This is a major institution in which cross paths representatives of major media. The most desirable in terms of development for the singer was Mark Keymins - King DJs New Wave. A few days after the beginning of their life together Madonna slipped him their records. The man listened and brought them into "Dunster." All came to the delight of the compositions. Madonna took the cassette Keymins Chris Blackwell, executive director of "Island Records", a company that unraveled the group «U2». Recording is not accepted. Then Keymins delivered the tape to Warner Bros and befriended responsible for the repertoire of Michael Rosenblatt. After that, the artist met and Madonna herself.

The first single of MADONNA
Madonna, Rosenblatt and Keymins developed a plan to promote the singer through the issuance of dance hits, and reached an agreement. According to the document, Madonna received an advance and royalties for each write a song. To release immediately the album the trio did not dare. The first single was to be the composition «Is not No Big Deal», but did not find Rosenblatt song 100 percent hit. As a result, it was decided to take a «Everybody» with a demo disc. On the cover of the single, by the way, it was decided not to put the picture of the Madonna, as many believed it Negress. The song «Everybody» a matter of weeks took first place in popularity ratings.

Following this success, it was decided to record a video for the song. In the video "Warner" has allocated just $ 1,500. Despite a minimal budget, clip soared to third place table dance hits and became 107 in the main chart edition of "Billboard".

The second single
Before you record and release their debut album, Madonna's producers have decided to test the waters and see whether accidental or not the success of the singer. For this it was written a second maxi-single. If it becomes a hit, the album will write good, says the producer. In place Keyminsa was picked up by a more experienced producer Reggie Lucas. He wrote for Madonna's new single, which immediately rose to the third place in the rankings, thus repeated the success of «Everybody».

The debut album of Madonna called «Like a Virgin» («Like a virgin") and made it to the top of the album charts in the US. The commercial success of the disc came after the release of the eponymous single, which stayed in first place in the Billboard charts as much as 6 weeks. Throughout the world, we bought 19 million copies of the album Madonna, who received a diamond certificate and is the most successful in the singer's home country until today. The main track from the disc Madonna performed at the first award ceremony MTV Video Music Awards. On stage the singer went into the wedding dress and belt with the inscription «Boy Toy». In the wake of the first successes of Madonna, in 1985, she starred in several films. First she got a role in the film Vision Quest, which enters the sound track Crazy For You - the second number one single in the United States. Further, the singer appears in the film "Desperate search for Susan", which introduced the world «Into The Groove».

The same year, Madonna went to his first concert tour «The Virgin Tour» together with the Beastie Boys in the USA. Later recorded video for the song «Material Girl», and Madonna start a relationship with actor Sean Penn. Then Penthouse and Playboy magazines have shown on their pages in black and white nude photos of the singer, which were made in the 70s. Madonna sued the right to ban the publication of pictures. The third album True Blue Madonna released in 1986. He was described publication of the "Rolling Stone" as a "sounding from the heart." The CD was the ballad Live to Tell, which the singer wrote the tape At Close Range, which starred her husband Sean Penn. The album made Madonna star worldwide and ranked top of the charts in 28 countries. Guinness Book of Records named the disc is absolutely unprecedented. Then the singer took part in the filming of Shanghai Surprise, and played for the first time in a theatrical production of "Goose and Tomtom" with Sean Penn.

In 1987, Madonna appeared on the set of the film "Who's That Girl 'and already recorded four songs for the soundtrack, including« Causing a Commotion ». In the same year, followed by a tour of the same name «Who's That Girl», which was awarded for its innovative outfit girl. At the end of the year leaves the disc in remixes «You Can Dance», which today is one of the most successful remix albums in the history of music. A year later, the city Patsentro where ancestors lived singer, put a statue of the Madonna height of four meters. A few months later ceases to exist a couple Madonna Sean Penn. The marriage ended in divorce.

In early 1989, the singer signed a contract with "Pepsi" and a new song «Like A Prayer» was presented just as the advertising company. The video for the song, however, as advertising itself, contained many Catholic symbols. Vatican video shocked and "Pepsi" failed to justify themselves in the eyes of the public and tore a sponsorship contract with the pop diva. However, Madonna was able to obtain from the company $ 5 million, and broke the scandal helped the song Like A Prayer for 11 years considered the most successful in the singer's career. The self-titled album appeared in 1989. A year later, Madonna once again shocked the world. She took the clip «Justify My Love» erotic content, which has been banned. In 1992, Madonna founded her own company Maverick, which was engaged in entertainment, including film production, production of music CDs and books. The singer has formed a joint venture with Time Warner. First released a book called "Sex" with illustrations of sexual fantasies of the Madonna. The publication caused a mixed reaction of the audience, however, has sold 1.5 million copies. The company also released the fifth disc of Madonna «Erotica», which has become one of the best.

Because of the mixed reviews on its work to the next Madonna album «Bedtime Stories» Changing styles. The main track Bedtime Story Björk wrote. After that, the singer starred in the film adaptation of the musical "Evita" by Andrew Lloyd Webber in the lead role and she sang the song. At this time, Madonna hits the study of Kabbalah and Judaism, therefore, its exterior styling has become more peaceful. By the way, her Kabbalah followed by celebrities like Demi Moore, Ashton Kutcher, Britney Spears, David Beckham, Naomi Campbell, Paris Hilton, Elizabeth Taylor and others. The album «Ray of Light» is recognized as the most successful since the time «Like a Prayer».

Pop queen of the world
In 2000, Madonna released the album «Music», which was successful in terms of electronic dance music. A similar drive «American Life» has not caused the same praise. Madonna decided to change the sound again and invited to cooperate with the British musician Stuart Price.

The result of joint work has become a neo-ROM «Confessions on a Dance Floor». After it became queen Madonna dance floor. Next album «Hard Candy» was made with the hit-makers Timbaland and Justin Timberlake. March 26, 2012 came the twelfth album of Madonna - MDNA. This album is the first day led by the top of all the charts of Great Britain and the United States. But all was not so rosy. Critics have called the album is very dark, called it a painful divorce plate. The video for the second album, the single Girl Gone Wild subjected censored because of the explicit scenes. The album promo tour in support without getting the worst sales in the singer's career, breaking antirecord American Life 2003, goda.Pevitsa sent to the MDNA Tour, which kicks off on May 31 and is the most successful tour of 2012. Concerts caused a public outcry in the United States because of the use of imitation weapons at the scene. Billboard calls Madonna record for revenues of the music industry - 34.6 million dollars for the year. In 2013, Madonna received 3 awards Billboard Music Awards. In August 2013, Forbes magazine calls the leader singer of the year for income among the celebrity with earnings of $ 125 million.

In December 2014 an unexpected leak in the Internet 13 demo versions of songs that were recorded during the making of the thirteenth studio album by Madonna. The actress was furious by the incident, leaving after several threatening messages against the pirates. A few days after the leak, December 20, Madonna has officially announced the thirteenth album, Rebel Heart.Vypusk album took place March 10, 2015.

MADONNA - fashion designer and entrepreneur
In 2010, Madonna is taking part in an advertising campaign of the fashion house Dolce & Gabbana, who wanted to get hold of the singer. Together with her daughter Lourdes singer made his own line of youth clothing «Material Girl». The self-titled album of live recordings released in the same year, and later there was a collection of the best songs «Celebration». In the same year Madonna became a screenwriter and director tapes «WE», which is scheduled for summer 2011 show.

In addition, Madonna opened the chain of fitness clubs under the name «Hard Candy». The first has already opened in Mexico City, and the second is scheduled to open in Moscow in 2011.

The first serious romance with Sean Penn Madonna's marriage ended in 1985. Media closely followed the couple's relationship and became known as Penn's "Mr Madonna." Sean did not like is the "name" and started the rivalry between spouses. As a result, this has led to a public brawl. The couple broke up after four years together. After the divorce, Madonna began a relationship with the famous actor and womanizer Warren Beatty, who does not run out. At one time, there was talk that Madonna associates affection with actress Sandra Bernhard. However, the singer said that she welcomed the homosexual love. Nevertheless, the model Jenny Shimizu said that she had lesbian connection with celebrity.

Daughter Lourdes Madonna gave birth to their personal sports coach, however, the singer said that he sees no sense to marry the father of her child. In 2000, Madonna gave birth to a son, her second husband, British film director Guy Ritchie. The couple met in 1998. However, after 7 years of marriage the couple parted. After that, Madonna drew attention to the young 22-year-old Brazilian model Jesus Luz.