CHILDHOOD of Martin Freeman
Martin was the fifth child in the family. Soon after her parents divorced, and he was left with his father, who died of a heart attack when he was only ten. Since that time, he again went to live with his mother. Aldershot - a city with a history of sports, it has its own football team. Until the age of fourteen, Martin played for the British national team for the game of squash. His older brother and sister showed a penchant for fine arts, Martin also succumbed to the general tendency later. His brother Tim was the lead singer of Frazier Chorus, brother Jamie was engaged in web design and music. We know that their cousin - a famous comedian. After Freeman Catholic school he studied at the London Central School of Dramatic Art. This art is the most famous university in the UK.

Carer as an actor of Martin Freeman, FILMOGRAPHY
Martin Freeman - a short man with rustic features. This largely was the reason that he never take the role of heroes-lovers. Often he appeared in the role of a loser, loser, a man with no special talents with a confused face.

The first roles were played in the 1997th year. It shows in the episodes, and supporting roles. So in the year 2000 Freeman, being virtually an unknown actor, he landed a role in the sitcom called "Black Books". In the first series, he played a doctor. The prominent role was played by Martin in the "office". The whole plot sitcom revolves around a small firm, one of the staff which is the protagonist of Freeman. Viewers remembered the actor in the role of sex understudy. The film was called "Love Actually." One of the dramatic roles of the actor - Lord Shaftesbury. He was invited to play this role in the drama "Charles II: The Power and the Passion." In 2005, he released a feature film, "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy", where Freeman had a major role. This film adaptation of Douglas Adams has been successful. Then followed a series of typical actor roles. He starred in the film "Breaking and Entering", "together", "Dedication", "The best Christmas" and others. The rise in the career of Freeman In his forties actor lucky enough to get a role that made him famous. The "Sherlock", he played a major role - the role of Dr. Watson. In the story, it is not assigned the role of a passive observer, he, along with Holmes, who in this film played Benedict Cumberbatch involved in investigations and is an assistant of his friend. The audience appreciated the work of the actors in the 2010th year. Also in this project were shot Una Stubbs, Rupert Graves, Lou Brealey, Mark Gatiss, Andrew Scott.

Another important in the career of the actor's role was Bilbo Baggins in the trilogy, "The Hobbit." Playing in the filmstrip literally lifted on kinoolimp Freeman. Actor for the lead role for a long time were selected. But Martin Freeman has always remained the best candidate. Filming was to begin, and the actor was still involved in the shooting of the film "Sherlock." However, for the sake of it, he played Bilbo, shooting Peter Jackson were shifted to three months. So Martin was among the actors who starred in "The Hobbit."

Martin Freeman TODAY
An actor for his career appeared in eighteen projects in fourteen theater and a few radio shows, starred in several films. In January 2014. goes continuation of the "Sherlock." Martin will be there with his wife, who played his lover. The third season consists of only three series. There, viewers will see a new enemy Holmes, played by Lars Mikkelsen.

A new TV project, which will be used Freeman is the series "Fargo." There he would try a new quality, playing a criminal - Leicester Nygaard. However, it will work on the creation of the series, Colin Hanks, Oliver Platt, Billy Bob Thornton and Kate Walsh. TV project will be removed based on the movie of the Coen brothers, but we know that he will not remake it, just borrow some storylines.

PERSONAL LIFE of Martin Freeman
The actor met his wife of nearly thirty years. Her he believes the greatest gift in my life. His fiancee - known in the UK actress Amanda Ebbington. They met while working together on the set of the film "Just a man." It was the 2000th year.

Amanda and Martin lived together for over a decade, calling himself spouses. Officially, their marriage they are not registered and not yet collected. Starting from 2000, they have often filmed together. In 2005, they had a son, Joe, and in the 2009th Amanda gave birth to a baby girl, called Grace. The actor is very serious about his paternity and the family. This is evident in his work on the set in the years when the children were born in the family. It was then, and there are "windows" in his filmography, which speaks about the responsibility of the father in front of his family. Freeman - vegetarian. From food he prefers simple food. Martin does not seek to know the composition of foods that normally deals with his wife. It is known that Martin Freeman could not play Watson in a sensational series "Sherlock". The thing is that when he was going to audition, he stole a purse, which is why he spent virtually "filled up."

Martin Freeman