The first two years of his life, Matt held in Boston, in an affluent area. His older brother Kyle, he was brought up in a family tax inspector and a teacher at the college. However, their marriage was not strong, and her parents divorced. His mother was forced, along with the children (Matt was just 2 years) to return to Cambridge and stay in the house where lived a few families. Matt was persistent and stubborn child. At 6 years old, he suddenly wanted to be a basketball player. The boy came to his father and told his son that he did not hammer his head nonsense, because in the old Damon few dorostal to 160 centimeters, and with sports training fared even worse. The pope advised to enter into a financial college. Matt actually forgot about football, and about his father at the same time. Such decision mom actor surprised. And I do not say a word to him, although he always wanted his son another fate - career physician, caring wife and three children.

Ben Affleck
In 1980, Matt began to communicate with a neighbor boy. It was a truly fateful meeting. Ben Affleck was destined to become the best friend of Damon. A strong friendship developed into a creative alliance, which continues to this day. Two years later, the boys emptied his piggy bank and bought two tickets to New York. Secretly from their parents, they went to the contest of young talents "show Mickey Mouse." But it has not gone beyond the first round. Frustrated teenagers back home.

In the final year students lucky. The boys were invited to participate in advertising the supermarket, each paid $ 200. And that's acting career Matt slightly subsided. Ben also went to seek his fortune, and the role of fees in New York.

Matt after school went to Harvard and fully immersed himself in his studies at the Faculty of English. And in his spare time, he went to the School of Scriptwriters and by the third year realized that he wanted to become an actor. His parents, Matt put before the fact and said that certainly gets to New York in the auditions. Mom was not in shock, as previously heard of his son's preferences. Damon was released on condition that he pay his way.

From role to role
Another student, Matt made his debut in "Mystic Pizza." There, he got just one phrase. Next picture is also not added glory. Comedy "Glory Daisy" at the box office has collected just $ 700. Moreover, most of the money brought into the cinemas friends Damon. In 1990, the actor in the film "Son - a rising star" appeared next to Brian Denney, so even two years later received a major role in the film "School ties." The audience, however, did not appreciate the efforts of the actors.

Several months later, Matt got the role of a Western "Geronimo: An American Legend," with Robert Duvall and Gene Hackman. And a couple of years there was a picture of the "good old boys". Breakthrough may be called to obtain the title role in the film "gallantry in action", which appeared in 1996. For the role of Matt dropped 40 pounds, he deliberately ran over 12 miles each day, and sat on a strict diet. But the effort was worth it, playing the actor hailed by critics.

Good Will Hunting
After unsuccessful roles in the films "The Rainmaker," "Rosie O'Donnell Show," "Chasing Amy," Benn Affleck and Matt Damon have decided to create their own project. They wrote the script for the film "Good Will Hunting." They are interested in several studios, but none of them wanted to see starring authors. But Matt and Ben insisted. In 1997, at the studio «Miramax» Gus Van Sant took the tape. In the worldwide box office, it has collected 225 million dollars with a budget of 10. Matt and Ben, in addition, she won the "Oscar" and "Golden Globe". Matt Damon acknowledged "King of Hearts".

After the success of Matt began to receive interesting proposals, while fees soared actor. A year later, Damon played Steven Spielberg's drama "Saving Private Ryan." Picture taken 5 "Oscars" and was named the most cash in 1998. At the same time came the painting "Rounders." In 1999, viewers saw the actor in the film "The Talented Mr. Ripley" and "Dogma." Two years later, the last film will be continued under the name "Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back." But she turned out to be weaker than the "Dogma." At this time, Matt's career has developed so rapidly that the actor wondered woke up in the middle of the night and wondered what did him such luck. In 2000, Matt worked in the film "The Legend of Bagger Vance," "Untamed Heart," "Finding Forrester." And then he starred in the comedy "Ocean's Eleven." She, by the way, later left two sequels.

Then Matt Damon played the amnesiac Bourne FBI agent. The painting "The Bourne Identity" once again revived interest in the spy thriller genre. By the way, in the film the actor has demonstrated his excellent physical shape, he constantly ran, jumped, showed a dizzying stunts.

The film was so successful that on the third day after the premiere of Matt Damon received 30 job offers. The creators of the same two years later released the tape "The Bourne Supremacy" and a little later, "The Bourne Ultimatum."

The Brothers Grimm
Then, until 2004, the actor starred in a number of famous films: "Ted," "Confessions of a Dangerous Mind," "Jersey Girl." And then he landed a role in the fairy tale "The Brothers Grimm." This is a picture of how the brothers were crooks, and then heroes. Then the actor shone in the role of director of the oil company in the film "Syriana." A year later it appeared on the screen several successful picture with Damon. This detective drama "The Departed," Martin Scorsese's "The Good Shepherd" by Robert de Niro. Shooting these tapes followed one after another, so the actor took a lot of effort to move quickly to another image. But recent work actors, this painting "Youth Without Youth," Coppola's "The Informant" Sodeberga, "human factor" Eastwood.

Personal life
Matt very long watched as his friend Ben Affleck suffers from love for Jennifer Lopez. And vowed that his life would not be such. With his girlfriend from school Soren Matt broke up because she needed more attention to the person. The actor chosen work. I could not compete with the scene and Kara Sands model. Then there was a series of lovers partners. Matt fell in love almost every colleague in the set. It Minnie Driver, Gwyneth Paltrow, Claire Danes, Franka Potente. And after the affair with Winona Ryder Matt sworn never to have affairs with actresses.

Now the actor is married to a Spaniard Lucane Burrows. She works decorator. Couple married in 2005, two years after they met. In 2006, the first-born was born - daughter Isabella. In 2008, Gia Zavala was born. Matt also brings the couple's daughter from his first marriage to Alex.

Matt Damon