Megan Fox - sultry beauty that neither time was part of a list of the sexiest actresses in the world. She childhood aspired to the rays of fame and made his own.

Model and actress Megan Denise Fox was born May 16, 1986 in the city of Rockwood (Tennessee, USA). The blood on my mother's beauty line has the genes of the French, Irish and even the Indians. Pope Megan Fox was looking for conditionally released offenders. Megan also has an older sister.

A few years after the birth of the youngest daughter of the family split up. True her mother was not a long one - she soon re-married a man older than himself, and the family, along with a new "father" moved to Florida. Stepfather did not differ good character, but on the contrary had a harsh temper, which affected the psyche of the future star. Strict upbringing had developed in her panic attacks and aggressive outbursts. From five years old girl engaged in theater and studied dance. As a child, Megan Fox was quite well-fed girl, and she is often teased in school. Especially since she was dressed very aggressive and wild. So she could pull combat boots, pack, and hair dye in the color orange.

Walked future beauty only with guys and all behavior showed that he wanted to be independent. She walked for a while in the church choir, but she got kicked out for rowdy behavior, appearance and behavior. Already in the 13 years she began to show talent in dancing. So one of the dance show «American Modeling and Talent Convention in Hilton Head» she received several awards.

At age 15, Megan Fox has decided to take their destiny into their own hands and went to Los Angeles in search of an acting career. In the beginning it took in the shooting of little-known paintings.

Acting career
In Los Angeles, it was very difficult. Naturally no one was waiting for her there, and the money is desperately short. Megan Fox knew that the special talent of actress she did not shine, but relied on their looks. Her first work was the painting "Holiday in the Sun" in 2001. In this film she played a very beautiful girl who constantly got out of the heroines of the film, which played sister Ashley Olsen and Mary-Kate Olsen. Within three years, she has appeared in films and serials with occasional roles: "Bad Boys 2," "Ocean Street," "For what you love," "2.5 people", "Help".

The first major role she won in 2004 in the movie "Star of stage," where she played a supporting role along with Lindsay Lohan. And over the next two years, she played in the series "Hope & Faith". This fame came to her in 2007. Then she won the role of Mikaela Baines at the box office the film by Michael Bay, "Transformers." That role went to Megan Fox, thanks to its excellent external data and its good advertising forms on the covers of men's magazines. In 2008, she became the sexiest woman in the world by the magazine «FHM».

A year later, she won the role of a rising movie star in the movie "How to Lose Friends & Alienate People," starring opposite Simon Pegg and Kirsten Dunst. After a year on the screens out the second part of the film "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen", which Megan also performed the role of Mikaela. The film beat all box office records, and Megan Fox Award Prize 'Choice teenagers »(Teen Choice Awards) in the category" Best Actress summer "," beautiful girl "and the award« Scream Award »in the category" Best Actress in a sci-fi genre. "

In the same year, Megan Fox co-starred in the film "Jennifer's Body" - a horror movie with elements of black comedy. The actress played a man-eating demon who in the guise of a beautiful girl attracts guys classmates in traps and devours them. His partner in the film acted as Amanda Seyfred. For this film she won "Choice teenagers» (Teen Choice Awards) in the category "Best Actress of the genre horror / thriller" and "Beautiful Girl". The third part of "Transformers" went without Megan Fox. Because of the frequent quarrels actress with the director and then the scandalous statements, which stars Michael Bay called Hitler, film producer Steven Spielberg decided to fire her. In the third part of "Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon" lead female role performed by the British model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. However, Megan Fox told the press that she was not interested in further shooting and left the project for other interesting roles.

In 2010, the star was invited to play in a clip of Eminem and Rihanna - «Love The Way You Lie».

Megan Fox NOW
In 2011, Megan starred in "Friends with Kids," and a year later voiced the character of Louis Lane in the cartoon "Robot Chicken."

In 2014 saw the release of "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles", in which she played the role of April O'Neil. The film grossed neochen positive criticism, but a good box office in theaters, so it announced a sequel, but the second part is scheduled for summer 2016.

In 2007, she began dating Brian Austin Green, with whom they met on the set of the TV show. They were even engaged, but soon broke off the relationship. After a while she agreed again with the star of the television series "Beverly Hills 90210".

June 24, 2010 couple secretly married in Hawaii. Two years later, a happy family first child was born Noah Shannon, and in another year and a half - Body Ranson.

An interesting fact about Megan Fox
The actress admitted that tried all kinds of drugs, but she only liked marijuana, which she occasionally uses. She began having sex at age 15, and admitted that she was in her bed, and the girl.

The body of the actress covered with 8 tattoos. One the biggest on the right hand with the image of Marilyn Monroe, and the other in the abdomen with the name Bryan.

Megan Fox - the face of the Italian brand Emporio Armani Spring / Summer 2010, replacing in this field, the singer Beyonce.

Megan Fox


Wiki info

Fox's overexposure in the media caused several men's websites to boycott her in late 2009,[75] with AOL's man-blog Asylum dubbing August 4, 2009 "A Day Without Megan Fox" and promising that they would not mention or feature her on this day; they asked other men's sites to copy this stance, and several, including AskMen, complied. There was sentiment that despite the amount of traffic Fox can bring to a website, it was time to focus attention on another young actress. [75] Other sites, however, refused to boycott Fox, with Asylum's sister site PopEater declaring "we're posting things about Megan Fox that aren't even news, just because we know you want it, whether you'll admit it or not"[76] and COED magazine calling the boycott a "publicity stunt" and "hypocritical", saying that they were the home of "The Megan Fox Boycott Boycott". [77] The British newspaper The Sun declared August 4 to be "Megan Fox Day", saying that "She deserves a day dedicated to her". [78] In response to the boycott, Fox told magazine Nylon, in a September 2009 interview, that "the media blitz" for Transformers resulted in an over-extension of her welcome in the media. "I was part of a movie that [the studio] wanted to make sure would make $700 million, so they oversaturated the media with their stars," she said. "I don't want to have people get completely sick of me before I’ve ever even done something legitimate. "[79]