Melissa Ann McCarthy (Melissa McCarthy) - American actress, comedian and designer clothes. Began performing in the entertainment industry in New York, in the genre of stand-up with the author's monologues, sparkling jokes, tricks and improvisations, she successfully continued her playing in sitcoms and movies. Public recognition and fame actress has received after filming the comedy-drama film "Gilmore Girls." She then starred in the film of the same kind in the ABC "Who is Samantha?". Next work of Melissa in the comedy series on CBS «Mike & Molly" earned her the "Emmy". Subsequently, her role on television and in cinema is usually accompanied by the awarding of prizes and the nomination for the awards, including the "great" Oscar.

In addition, considering his second vocation fashion, she launched her own fashion line Seven7 for women of different sizes. The screen actress - positive and cheeful plump. Her appearance fans in social networks called "charming" and "amazing." She began by Forbes magazine among the most influential and highly paid movie stars on TV and in the world. For high contribution to cinema actress was awarded a star on the "Walk of Fame" in Hollywood.

Childhood and adolescence of Melissa McCarthy
The favorite entertainment show followers (especially those who have problems with excess weight) was born on August 26 1970 in the village of Plenfild, Illinois. Her parents were farmers, whose ancestors came from the Irish county of Cork. The family was large and friendly in which everyone loved and supported each other. Melissa's cousin, Lynette, Amy, Joan, as well as the most famous of the sisters, Jenny McCarthy, was an actress.

At the end of the Academy of St. Francis in Joliet, located 60 kilometers from Chicago, she went to New York where he was going to become a fashion designer, entered the FIT, the Fashion Institute of Technology. But, instead, to the delight of its current fans, she began performing in the style sitcom «stand up» in their respective clubs, where visitors come to relax and have a positive charge - the admission to the culture as in the theaters, in such institutions it is not It was. Comedian with a curvy shape, direct and charming, with a humorous approach to their appearance, able to amuse others, giving a certain charm even quite decent joke, already a success, giving the audience a lot of good mood. At the same time it increases its professionalism, doing at the Actors Studio and participating in theater productions.

Arriving in the middle of the 1990s in Los Angeles, the future actress honed skills in the famous comedy troupe Groundlings. This group specialized in improvisation and took the name from Shakespeare's Hamlet remarks about commoners who bought standing room in the "pit" in front of the proscenium and adore not demonstrate the passion and depth of feeling, and a simple noise and silent pantomime.

The actress started acting on TV, and in movies. The first attempt at writing for Melissa became a bit part in the comedy channel NBC «Jenny" in 1997, the main character who embodies her cousin Jennifer. The debut of the actress on the big screen came two years later when she starred in the crime comedy «Go» («Ecstasy"), starring film stars such as Sarah Polley, Katie Holmes, Jay Mohr, William Fichtner, Scott Wolf, and others.

This was followed by scenes in the film "Mona Utopia," "The Kid," "The Life of David Gale", "The Lost World," "Ted," "Curb Your Enthusiasm." The actress was engaged and "voice acting" in the animated film, including Amy acid, a lover of pink, all fluffy and cute, in the adventure 87-series cartoon "Kim Possible." 2001 brought a significant role Melissa frivolous girlfriend lead character in "Gilmore Girls." In 2007, she played in partnership with Mary Elle Fanning (younger sister of Dakota Fanning), Ryan Reynolds and Hope Davis in the thriller "Nine" included in the program of the festival of independent cinema Sundance.

Then the actress starred in the film "Just Add Water", "captain", "beautiful freaks," "Who is Samantha?". Melissa starred as attracted celebrities projects "Rita annealed" and "Private Practice," as well as "Plan B", which was attended by megastars such as Jennifer Lopez and Alex O'Lahlan, and "Life as We Know It" Joshua David Duhamel and Katherine Heigl.

PERSONAL LIFE of Melissa McCarthy
The actress is married to actor Ben Falcone. They worked together as part of the troupe The Groundlings, where he held their acquaintance. They were married in October 2005 and have two daughters.

First, Vivian, was born two years after the wedding. She took part in "The Gilmore Girls" with her mother when she was pregnant with Melissa. In the story, her character is also expecting a child, so the actress could on the job to enjoy motherhood.

Three years later, the family appeared in the younger couple's daughter Georgette, who played in the film "Plan B" and together with her mother. Family "the new queen of comedy," as Melissa named Entertainment Weekly, lives in Los Angeles.

Melissa McCarthy TODAY
In 2010, the first time the star has played the main character in "Mike & Molly" on channel CBS. Sitka has received high ratings, it has been extended for Season 2, and for the role of Molly McCarthy was nominated for the "Emmy". But in truth, she managed to break the bank in the movie "bachelorette party in Las Vegas."

Storyline of McCarthy character was recognized as the best and unbelted bride brilliantly refuted a stereotype that only men to get married commit incredible acts (with revelry, scandals and riot). The picture won a loud commercial and artistic triumph, securing a profit of about three hundred million dollars. This artist has won several film awards, including his first "Emmy" and a nomination for "Oscar" award "the US Screen Actors Guild», BAFTA. At the end of the year we could see a movie star as the leading comic transmission SNL («Saturday Night Live") on NBC, having received another nomination for "Emmy". In 2013 he published the motion picture "The Heat", where she acted in partnership with Sandra Bullock, later gathered more than 200 million dollars. Vivid and memorable, and McCarthy was in the movie "Identity Thief". At the same time, the film critic Rex Reed Taylor, calling her custom sizes "behemoth" deserved rejection and condemnation in the media.

At the same time the actress and her husband founded a new production company, On the Day, which was the first film "Tammy". Melissa was his screenwriter, producer and performer of the title role. He was released in 2014 and, despite the cool Testimonials, earned at the box office one hundred million dollars. Movie star infects their activity, unpredictability, cheerfulness. In the dramatic comedy "St. Vincent" in 2014 she changed roles positively critically acclaimed. The film at the festival in Toronto, won the Audience Award and won second place. Once the film "The Spy," a parody of the James Bond franchise, she starred alongside Jude Law, Jason Statham and Rose Byrne.

In 2016 it planned output of films with McCarthy "Michelle Darnell," a new version of "ghost hunters", as well as its participation in the project has not yet received the name - the film adaptation of the fairy tale by James Matthew Barrie, where she played the girlfriend of Peter Pan fairy Tinker Bell.

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