Michael Hall - is an actor, known today primarily for his role in the TV series "Dexter." This project brought him great popularity and fame. However, to participate in the popular TV series, our today's hero could boast of many career successes. So what hides a biography of "Dexter Morgan"? Learn it will help us prepared article.

Michael Hall was born on February 1, 1971 in the town of Raleigh (NC), which is famous for fresh air and thick oak forests. Family actor belonged to the American middle class, and so are neither deliberate poverty nor riches special. But everything changed in 1982 when his father died from cancer of the hero of our today and future actor was in charge of only one mother. This was a difficult period in the life of a small family. Over time, however, Mike and his mother were still able to cope in the circumstances.

After graduating from high school in 1989, our today's hero went to the city of Richmond (Indiana), where he began to study at the College Earlham. Here, the future actor was awarded a scholarship and studied fine arts. Subsequently, his studies Michael Hall also went to New York University, where he received a Bachelor of Arts degree.

Career, filmography
For the first time to try his hand as a professional actor Michael Hall was able in 1999, when at the invitation of Sam Mendes has come to play in the musical "Cabaret." This theater project has turned out quite successful and therefore very soon made our today's hero is quite famous in the world of American show business. He made friends in the film industry. So soon Mike had the opportunity to make his debut on television, playing a major role in the popular project "Six Feet Under."

This work is done at once the hero of our today's one of the most popular actors on American television. In 2002, the name Michael Hall has appeared in the list of contenders for the Emmy and Screen Actors Guild Award USA. Subsequently, in 2003 and 2004, Mike even won the last of these awards. However, at that time the talented native of North Carolina received the prize together with the other actors of the series ("The Best cast").

Michael Hall in the "DEXTER" series
Later, in parallel with the shooting in the serial film "Six Feet Under" our today's hero also appeared in several other interesting pictures. However, the supporting roles in the films "In the pool with his head" and "Paycheck" did not bring him a special popularity. It is quite another thing - the new TV series "Dexter" ("Dexter"), which appear in Michael Hall began in 2006 year - a year after the end of the project "Six Feet Under." This serial film for years to come has become the main role for the talented American actor. Filming swallowed his head, and therefore today the name of Michael Hall in the minds of millions of viewers is inseparably linked with the name of the medical examiner and the serial killer Dexter Morgan. The bright screen as a "murderer of murderers' American actor earned enormous popularity and fame. He often began giving interviews, appearing in various TV shows, and his name was regularly appear among the nominees for the most prestigious film awards. In particular, during the period from 2007 to the year 2011, he regularly appeared among the nominees for the award "Golden Globe" as best drama series actor. Cherished statue had come to him in the end only once, but the fact that many nominations in itself is a great achievement. In addition, for her role in the TV series "Dexter" Michael Hall also received a Screen Actors Guild Award the United States, as well as a television award "Saturn". Each year the name Mike also appears among the nominees for the "Emmy", but this award in the collection of the actor not yet.

During his work on the series "Dexter," Michael Hall had to try himself as a producer and director. He personally directed several episodes of the TV project, and served as executive producer for all the later seasons of the TV drama. For seven years, during which time, work continued on the show, our today's hero in parallel also starred in several other projects. In particular, he appeared in the sci-fi thriller "Gamer," starred in the drama "The world through the keyhole," starred in a lyrical comedy "The Trouble with Bliss," and also noted a minor role in the TV series "Ruth and Eric." Thus, the actor has successfully proved that he can be is organic, not only as a bloody and sophisticated Dexter Morgan, but also in the other screen roles. In some ways, the new work of the actor came in response to a hail of criticism, which is constantly poured in the direction of the series "Dexter." The film was accused of excessive brutality and even going to deny. But often it is only fueled interest in the television project.

After shooting "Dexter" were completed while Michael Hall was in a creative search, but rather quickly returned to the cinema. In 2013, he starred opposite Daniel Radcliffe in the psychological drama "Kill Your Darlings," which at the moment is his last work. In 2014 American actor to appear in the drama "I fought the law", as well as US-French thriller "Cold in July", where he got the role of the central character. At the time of this writing, both films starring Michael Hall is under construction.

PERSONAL LIFE of Michael Hall
In 2002, our today's hero is married to actress Amy Spendzher, with whom he lived four years later. In 2006, former lovers filed for divorce. All the legal formalities was settled a year later. Subsequently, Michael Hall remarried. This time his choice was another famous actress - Jennifer Carpenter, which is known to audiences for his role as sister of the protagonist in the movie "Dexter." Together with her, Mike spent most difficult years of his life. In January of 2010, the actor was diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma. Michael Hall underwent chemotherapy. Because of this, the cancer first went into remission, and then completely retreated. Despite this significant victory, in 2011, Mike and Jenny broke up.

Michael Hall