American singer and actress was born in a family of country musician Billy Ray Cyrus. Mom and Dad gave the name of the girl, feeling that my daughter will achieve much. Real name - Destiny, translated as destiny and hope. But even as a child the future star was nicknamed Miley, is derived from the word smiling (Smiley). Destiny was really cheerful and smiling. By the way, the girl has two older brothers and a younger sister. One of the brothers working in the group «Metro Station». Miley's parents were married a year after her birth. And this was despite the fact that the record company Ray was against Union. At this time, the family had two children. Billy Ray adopted Tish children when they were just kids. Milo, by the way, there is a half-brother Christopher Cody, Billy's son, who lives with his mother in South Carolina.

Ring of integrity
Godmother Cyrus - singer Dolly Parton. Grandpa was a celebrity politician. He died in 2006.

Miley spent her childhood on a farm in Franklin, Tennessee, where she went to school. Incidentally, the actress wore a while so-called "purity ring". In 2008 Destiny officially changed her name to Miley Ray.

When Miley was eight years old, her family moved to Toronto. There's Billy Ray worked on the TV series Doc. She admitted that it was the work of the pope and inspired her to an acting career. The desire to become stronger when Miley and Dad went in the same year for the musical «Mamma Mia!». And very soon Destiny began studying acting and singing in the studio "Armstrong" in Toronto. Do not make them wait, and the first part. Miley starred as Kylie girl in an episode of Doc. In 2003, Cyrus made her debut in the movie. However, while in the background. Miley got the role of 8-year-old Ruthie tragicomedy in "Big Fish" by Tim Burton. In the credits it is recorded as Destiny Cyrus.

"Hanna Montana"
In 11 years, Miley has not learned about the casting TV show "Hannah Montana" of Disney Channel. This is a picture of the schoolgirl, who led a double life, she studied and was a famous singer. She recorded a cassette and sent to the casting, hoping to be the girlfriend of the main character. However, as a result of the very Miley offered the lead role. But after Cyrus arrived for a meeting with producers in Hollywood she was told that the work is too small. But her vocal abilities, and especially persistence persuaded the producers to the contrary. The girl came to the second audition. So Miley got the first title role - "Miley Stewart".

Miley Cyrus began to build his own career, and her mother Tish was the daughter of an agent. Not without her daughter Miley contracted with Mitchell Gossett. The agent just specializes in working with young actors. Gossett made a sample in "Hannah Montana." But when Cyrus started thinking about a career in music, on the advice of Dolly Parton's Tisch signed with agent Jason Morey of Morey Management Group. Celebrity Mom said that the man who can always be trusted. By the way, Tish Cyrus and is now engaged in the affairs of the famous daughter.

Underage popularity
"Hannah Montana" became a hit in a matter of days. And Cyrus became a teen idol of the American. The series was presented in March 2006. He gathered an unprecedented audience which never collected another series "Disney." The popularity of "Hannah Montana" Miley brought an unimaginable income and fame. However, journalists wrote that the success of the actress explained not only talent, but also an opportunity, "Disney." By the way, Miley Cyrus became the first artist, whose company signed a contract for the television, music and movies, as well as the production of different products. His first single, recorded for Cyrus "Hannah Montana" in 2006. He was the song «TheBestofBothWorlds». However, the song recorded under the name Hannah, played by Miley. But the first song under the name of the actress - it «Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah», a cover version of a song by James Baskett. By the way, in the image of Montana Cyrus performing as the opening act band «The Cheetah Girls» during their tour. In late 2006, was released on the soundtrack to the popular TV series, Miley has recorded nine songs, including a duet with her father and - «I Learned from You». The album won the Billboard 200.

In 2007, the air came out of the second season of "Hannah Montana." He walked six months, at which time Cyrus signed a contract to write once disc 4 with Hollywood Records. The double album, Hannah Montana 2 / Meet Miley Cyrus came out in mid-2007. One of the plates was recorded by Miley as a solo singer. The double album, took the lead on the Billboard 200 and was certified platinum three times. In 2008 came the album, which, however, did not have the image of Montana. The album called Breakout, and won the American, Australian and Canadian charts. However, except for "Hannah Montana" Miley Cyrus was noted in other paintings. However, it was only a cameo. This series "Doc," "High School Musical 2". In the drama "The Last Song" actress got the main role of a girl who is experiencing a difficult adulthood.

The richest teenager
In 2008, Miley got into the list of Forbes magazine and was in the top ten richest children. A year later, the actress wrote a biography "Miles Ahead", which describes his life and the path to glory. In 2011 she graduated from working on a remake of the Hollywood picture «LOL», where in addition to Cyrus play Ashley Greene and Demi Moore. And then she started to work on the movie "Under the cover."

In late 2011, together with the singer Jonze Vesto Miley released a cover version of the song, «You're gonna make me lonesome when you go», and after a couple of months, the song appeared clip.

Personal life
Since mid-2009 Miley Cyrus met with a colleague in the film "The Last Song" Liam Hemsworth. However, the couple divorced in mid-2012.

Miley Cyrus


Wiki info

Cyrus auditioned for the Disney Channel television series Hannah Montana when she was eleven years old. She auditioned for the role of the title character's best friend, but was called to audition for the lead role instead. Despite being denied the part at first because she was too "young and small" for the role, she was selected later as the lead because of her singing and acting abilities. The series premiered in March 2006 to the largest audience for a Disney Channel program, and quickly ranked among the highest-rated series on basic cable. The instant success of the series led to Cyrus being labeled a "teen idol". She toured with The Cheetah Girls as Hannah Montana in September 2006, performing songs from the show's first season. Walt Disney Records released a soundtrack credited to Cyrus' character in October of that year. The record was a commercial success, topping the Billboard 200 chart in the United States; it went on to sell over three million copies worldwide. With the release of the soundtrack, Cyrus became the first act within The Walt Disney Company to have deals in television, film, consumer products, and music. She had a two-year relationship with actor Tyler Posey. Cyrus has stated that she dated singer and actor Nick Jonas from June 2006 to December 2007, claiming they were "in love" and began dating soon after they first met. [41] Her relationship with Jonas, as well as her "spoofing" fellow Disney alums Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato, attracted considerable media attention. [42]