American actress with Russian roots Milla Jovovich. Mom celebrity, a well-known actress Galina Loginova, who played in the 70s in the film "Shadows at Noon" and "Much Ado About Nothing", was born in Kiev, December 17, 1975. The pope, the Gods (Bogdan) Jovovich, was a simple doctor - a pediatrician. The Serb came to Moscow from Montenegro to study. The first years of his life spent in Dnepropetrovsk Mila. There also went to kindergarten. However, when she was only 4 years old, the family left the Soviet Union and moved to London. After that, Milla Jovovich with her parents went to Sacramento and then to the United States and eventually settled in Los Angeles. In America, the parents of future celebrities earned their living as a maid in the house of the famous director Brian De Palma. Millet in a new country was not easy. In the early 80's just started a new round of the Cold War, so the girl from the USSR were treated very unfriendly.

The first steps to stardom
In the United States the name of Milla sounded different. She began to get used to the American pronunciation. Now she was not Jovovich and Jovovich. At the same time the name of the actress added another one "l". Soon, Milla Jovovich began to conquer the world.

In the early 80-ies of the last century, Galina Loginova knew about her career as an actress in the United States can not be considered. The woman decided to put a bet on his own daughter. Almost all of the money from the family budget went to pay for tutoring for music, dance and acting for Milla. Milla Jovovich for the first time appeared on the cover of the publication at the age of 11 years. Photo young beauty graced the front page of the Italian magazine «Lei». Then Milla took part in a photo shoot for «Mademoiselle». Showbiz willingly opened its doors to Jovovich, but the public perceived a hostile reception by the fact that the girl was still a minor. This topic has even been touched on American talk shows. However, while there was a lively discussion, co-starred Mila for half a dozen editions. So far, the public roared, Milla Jovovich was under the guidance of his mother. About the period of her life the girl herself remembers. "Every teenager in fourteen or fifteen years old wants to go a different way than his parents. I'm at that age, too, had earned money, and thought I knew everything. So my mother was difficult to control me.

I ran to parties, clubs, probably drove my mother crazy. But what teenager does not reduce ?! It could be worse. Many of my peers, mothers have not been sitters such as mine rattled in treatment centers for drug addiction. I was lucky that next to me was my mother ... "- says Milla.

The first Movie parts
World and prolonged popularity modeling career can not be built. That's what inspired Millet mother. In parallel with participation in various photo shoots Jovovich began to make the first steps towards fame actor. Debut for Milla was the role of Samantha's younger sister Sherilyn Hairdryer, Zalman King in the film "Two Moon Junction." However, the expected popularity in the film to no avail. Thank girl caught after starring in the adventure melodrama "Return to the Blue Lagoon" by William Graham (continued painting "Blue Lagoon"). A year later, followed by another offer. She starred in the film "Chaplin" directed by Richard Attenborough. On the Milla Jovovich has embodied the image of the wife of Charlie Chaplin - Mildred Harris. Great actor created on the screen of Robert Downey Jr. In 2002, Millet Michel got cameo in the film "Dazed Confused." On the set she met actor Sean Andrews. Whirlwind romance ended in marriage. However long the couple have lived together for. The marriage fell apart within a month.

Musical career
The talented actress and a beautiful girl decided to try on a musical career. The next few years, Milla Jovovich moving away from cinema and devotes himself to music. In 1994, Jovovich released her debut album entitled «The Divine Comedy» («Divine Comedy"). By the way, on the record, there are Ukrainian folk song "On the lawn." Then, with a group of «Plastic Has Memory» girl goes on a tour of Europe and the United States. Talent Milla Jovovich appreciated not only ordinary listeners, but also criticism. Tall, aloof tone of voice actress and folk songs with a Celtic sound always attracted fans.

"Fifth Element"
In 1996, Milla Jovovich returns to the cinema. She tries his hand at the casting to a fantastic film director Luc Besson's "The Fifth Element". Luck turned to face the actress, it passes the selection and role of the mysterious girl gets Leela, which is to prevent the destruction of the planet. The tape was a huge success, and she Milla Jovovich after pictures on the screens suddenly became a star worldwide.

However, the film "The Fifth Element has changed drastically and personal life actress. Milla married Luc Besson. Later, she has repeatedly told us that it is attracted to the famous director. "I think the power. Do you work with him and know that whatever happens, he will call you tomorrow. He is not going anywhere. You're an actress it! It's easy to fall in love on who you can count on. For me it is important to a sense of security. I can relax because my man here. And he will be here for me today and tomorrow ", - says Jovovich.

The vagaries of the global celebrity
However, a long marriage Milla and Lucas will not name. In 1999, the couple separated. For 3 years of marriage Jovovich played the prostitute Dakota Burns in the film by Spike Lee "His play" and Joan of Arc in the eponymous film by Luc Besson. At the beginning of the new century, Milla Jovovich took part in the shooting of detective drama "Hotel" millions of dollars "by Wim Wenders. There, she played a major role - a girl named Eloise. Critics praised and the painting and playing Milla. At the Berlin Film Festival tape received "Silver Bear". In the following years, Milla Jovovich Filmography added by the works in the comedy "Zoolander" (Katinka) and "Doll" (Fanny), the melodrama "Gold Dust" (Lucia), as well as the dramatic thriller "The House on the Turkish street." One of the most popular actress role and become Alice thriller "Resident Evil". She starred in all four parts of the tape. As recognized herself Milla, the first two parts have been "a great success", however, from the third, she wanted to give up because of the fact that she did not like the story. However, especially for Paul Anderson Milla rewrote the script. By the way, during the years of work on the painting she took possession of some martial arts such as kung fu, wushu and tae kwon do.

"My training went far beyond the shooting in the Hollywood film" - says Milla. His martial arts skills Jovovich showed in 2006 action movie "Ultraviolet". The actress played the female mutant, Violet. Beautiful girl says little, but a lot of fights. By the way, almost all the stunts performed Milla herself.

A good third marriage
Another novel with the director broke on the set of "Resident Evil". Relationships Milla and Paul Anderson developed rapidly. November 5, 2007 she gave birth to her beloved daughter Eva Gabo. Two years after the birth of her daughter a wedding couple.

Russian roots
Milla Jovovich is very proud of its Russian roots and, by the way, is not bad speak the language of their ancestors. "I was brought up in an atmosphere of classical Russian theatrical school. Art, built on the Stanislavsky system - this is the most realistic art. And modern cinema is on the same principles. For the Russian people it is important to get to the truth. This is the basis of Russian culture. I reported this will never forget, "- says the actress. And she admits: "I go to the Russian shops, Russian buy food there. I have Russian friends ", - says Jovovich. In 2006, a celebrity went on stage to present "film awards MTV Russia." Viewers Milla admitted that she is very happy to visit Moscow and dreams of someday play in a good Russian film. Desire girl realized after 4 years.

In 2010, the director Levan Gabriadze offered Jovovich the lead role in the comedy "Freaks" Milla appeared on the screen in the role of a young and successful Muscovite Nadia, who is in love with the provincial teacher Vyacheslav (played by Konstantin Khabensky). However, trying to destroy the happiness of the young arrogant rich man named Daniel (played by Ivan Urgant).

Milla Jovovich


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In 1998, Jovovich appeared in Spike Lee's drama He Got Game, as abused prostitute Dakota Burns; she acted with Denzel Washington and Ray Allen. In 1999, she appeared in the music video for the song "If You Can't Say No" by Lenny Kravitz. That year she returned to the action genre playing the title role in The Messenger: The Story of Joan of Arc, under direction of Luc Besson. She cut her hair short and wore armor in several extensive battle scenes. Jovovich received generally good reviews for her performance, although she also received a Razzie Award nomination for "Worst Actress". The historical drama did moderately well at the box office, gaining $66 million worldwide. [47] In 2000, Jovovich appeared as the troubled Eloise in The Million Dollar Hotel, a film based on a concept story by Bono of the band U2 and Nicholas Klein. Directed by Wim Wenders, Jovovich starred alongside Jeremy Davies and Mel Gibson; she provided vocals on the film's soundtrack. That year she also played bar owner Lucia, in the British western film The Claim (2000). This was followed by a supporting role as the evil Katinka in the comedy Zoolander (2001).