Mom of the girl was an artist, and her father - the programmer. They raised other than Nina, the eldest son - Alexander. When she was just two years old, the family moved to Canada and stayed in Toronto.

Since childhood Nina Dobrev loved music, theater and dance. And as a teenager went to work as a model. Once I started acting in commercials and punctually attend auditions. This led her on the set of a movie. Girl has evolved in many ways, so she had the strength to different roles. In his youth, Nina attended ballet classes, it helped her get a job in the famous painting "American store." This is a musical, and there Dobrev got the role of Ellie, who is doing everything possible to the family music store is not ruined. Producers interested in the outstanding abilities and exotic beauty Nina Dobrev. So she received several roles in the feature film "Away from Her" in 2006, "Fragments" in 2007, as well as "Werewolf" in 2008.

"Degrassi Street"
Luck for Nina Dobrev role can be called 14-year-old single mother named Mia Jones in the epic "Degrassi Street". This is a TV series about the difficult life of teenagers. It was broadcast intermittently broadcast Canadian and US channels in 1979. For many aspiring actors the show became a launching pad to the big show-business.

"Mia Jones - this is a very strong man. Of course, to have children so early, at age 14 is not necessary. It's very early. Well do - Mia already have a toddler, she was not shy about his mother and did not believe that this life is over, "- says Nina Dobrev. In 2008, Nina Dobrev played in the movie-musical channel MTV ¬ęThe American Mall". And in 2010 she became the heroine of the erotic thriller "Chloe" Atom Egoyan. There is starring Amanda Seyfried and got Giuliani Moore. Nina is in "Chloe" was a small role, but it has become even smaller after during the filming of the picture lost husband actor Liam Nisoma Natasha Richardson. The director brought the number of scenes where he was Nisom to a minimum. We do not take in a movie and those episodes starring Nina Dobrev.

"The Vampire Diaries"
The most famous work of Nina Dobrev - a role in the popular fiction series "The Vampire Diaries." The actress got there at the same time the two main roles. One heroine - a modern school girl named Elena Gilbert from Virginia Mystic Falls. Elena was the so-called "bone of contention" between the two vampire brothers Damon and Stefan, who were in love with the girl. Moreover, Elena has to choose one of the two men. The second character Dobrev - a great vampire Katherine Pierce, with whom the brothers met a half-century ago, during the civil war between the southern and northern states. Katherine did Stefan and Damon vampires and subjugate their will. And that's what gave men immortality. "I think I have a lot in common with my heroine Elena. She is trying to find at all, and in all good things. But her hard life because she was left without parents, and sees her brother down the sloping ... Nevertheless, Elena still optimistic, she did not lose heart and she is fighting tooth and nail, "- says Nina Dobrev.

And before you go to work in the "Vampire Diaries" Nina Dobrev was a fan of the book series "Twilight." She dreamed of the role of Bella on the big screen. In addition, the actress loves vampire show "True Blood," which shows HBO. By the way, on the set of "The Vampire Diaries" actress became a motorist. She bought her own car Audi, this spodvig her partner Ian Somerhalder on the series, who played vampire Damon Salvatore. Themselves shooting pictures held in Atlanta. Nina rented an apartment there with a girlfriend Cale Ewell, who starred in the TV series in the role of Vicki.

"Sore point"
Nina Dobrev can not get an education. After art school in Toronto actress went to study at Ryerson University. There, she studied sociology. But hard work and the shooting schedule was not allowed to combine study and work. So Nina threw university. "I love to play - say good - but I still want to get a serious higher education. The truth is it does not work, have no time. People attend university for the sake of knowledge, while I'm just learning the game in the movie. "

Nina Dobrev actively starred in television series and movies. Moreover, it often represents Canada at international competitions in rhythmic gymnastics. He loves actress and other sports, such as soccer, volleyball, snowboarding, swimming, rock climbing, horseback riding and veybording.

The actress prefers to keep yourself in shape observance of moderation in all things. To exercise the girl is without fanaticism and only performs what may. In addition, Nina engaged in Moksha Yoga. Nina likes to play in a rock band in his spare time. She is fluent in Bulgarian, English and French. For the role in the film "Splinters" Dobrev learned to say a few words in Yiddish. The actress loves to travel and often in Europe. Hobbies Nina Dobrev - making jewelry. Girl wants in the future to open his line of jewelry.

Problems with law
In August 2009, Nina Dobrev was arrested in Georgia for violation of public order, along with Candice Accola, Kayla Ewell, Tyler Shields and Sara Canning. However, almost immediately, the charges were dropped.

Personal life
In 2007, Nina Dobrev met with a colleague on "Degrassi" Daniel Clarke. According to media reports, the actress then began an affair with his partner on the television series "The Vampire Diaries," Somerhalder Yen.

Nina Dobrev