Olivia Wilde (born Olivia Jane Kobёrn) natural blonde, but many of her films are not. Her mother Leslie Kobёrn - producer of the TV program "60 Minutes", Olivia's father - a journalist Andrew Kobёrn. Her parents moved in the world of actors, directors, journalists and politicians. Therefore since childhood, and it was a world of Olivia. Topics that are dealt parents aspiring actress, allow her to be aware of what others had to learn through large to overcome. Olivia Wilde is the granddaughter of the famous Irish novelist and journalist Claude Kobёrna and niece of the author of the famous detective Sarah Caudwell. Irish grandfather loved the little granddaughter, and we're always buying her all the best. Christmas for her not limited kulёchkom candy. With her aunt Olivia could talk about everything and often came to her for advice. From an early age Olivia her family moved permanently to a new location, so the future actress often changed schools. First Olivia Wilde studied at Georgetown Day School in Washington, then in the Phillips Academy in Massachusetts. After her family moved again, this time to Dublin, Olivia began attending the school of acting The Gaiety School of Acting, where Olivia Wilde and began his career as a film actress. If you go to the site of the school, you can see many graduates, young and beautiful, and Olivia particular time was one of them.

Olivia Wilde admitted that it was a difficult teenager. One day she sat on the bus and went out of his family home in Maryland to Philadelphia to try to live on the street, along with roving musicians a couple of weeks. After her antics parents are very angry and frames Olivia to a boarding school in Andover, the girl has learned to adapt to life. Andover Olivia haunted theater, which fell in love. After the release of Wilde moved to Los Angeles to start his acting work. Olivia Wilde published his article in the American online resource «The Huffington Post». The actress is part of the union of Artists For Peace And Justice.

Careers in Film
Olivia Wilde - the famous Irish actress who is remembered by all as Remy Hadley in the hugely popular series "House." However, his film career started pretty Olivia Skoromniy. She began working on the selection of assistant specialist actors. v In the early 2000s, Olivia Wilde starred in several films, such as "neighbor", "Alpha Dog" and "Turistas." However, this famous actress brought the role of Alex Kelly in the television series "The OC." Olivia Wilde in 2003-2004. He starred in the TV series "Skin", which played the role of Jewel Goldman. The series aired long and not particularly popular. However, thanks to the TV series actress showed its ability and its directors and producers notice.

Then in 2004 the film "Girl Next Door» (Girl Next Door), in which she played the role of this bitch Kelly. After that, in 2004, Olivia Wilde was invited to star in the TV series "The OC," where she played the role of Alex Kelly. The series at the time was the best for the actress. In 2007, Olivia Wilde played a major role in the television series "Brothers Donnelly," which was broadcast on channel NBC. The film tells the story of four Irish brothers who have been immigrants from the working environment. The brothers were involved in organized crime in New York. Olivia partners on the film became an actor, Michael Steel, David, Jonathan Tucker, Tom guiro. The film was directed by Paul Haggis. After that Olivia got to the main cast of the famous television series "House." The role of Remy Hadley or Thirteen, Olivia Wilde made a popular actress in the world. However, despite the huge success of "House", the actress does not believe that this is the peak of her career. In the same year she took part in a theatrical production of Beauty on the Vine, where she played three different characters. In 2009, the magazine «Maxim» Olivia recognized the sexiest actress in the world. In the same year she participated in the film "And God created man." In 2010, the British Yahoo! announced that the second James Bond girl is Olivia Wilde, who plays the role of a double agent of the United Nations in Afghanistan. However, Olivia immediately denied the information in his twitter account on the Internet.

In order to prepare for filming the movie "Tron: Legacy", which was filmed in 2010, Olivia took lessons parkour and capoeira and martial arts. The film is a sequel to the 1982 movies. The film comes out in today's popular format 3D. In this sci-fi tape Olivia Wilde plays the role of Quarry, fearless warrior, who helps the protagonist to be reunited with his father.

Personal life
Life Olivia Wilde is quite calm, so it does not attract the attention of the paparazzi who love scandals. In 2003, Olivia Wilde married Italian-American Tao Ruspoli - Italian prince. Not for nothing as a child actress named "Princess Olivia." Now we can say that this title has got it on the right. The wedding took place in an old Italian castle when the bride was only 18 years old. Lovers have legalized their relationship six months after they met. Even though a large age difference, the couple is very complementary to each other, and looked very cute together.

Tao Ruspoli has been producing films. Olivia Wilde dual citizenship, American and Irish. Together with her husband, Olivia formed a union of independent directors. Now the actress is working on festival for children and wrote the script for a film about a journalist kidnapped in Afghanistan. After eight years of marriage, married 27-year-old movie star Olivia Wilde has filed for divorce from the Italian prince - director Tao Ruspoli. In early February 2011 the couple parted. Now the actress Olivia Wilde is trying to make a formal steps toward divorce. She initiated a formal divorce, attributing his own divorce papers in court.

Under "reason for the gap," wrote the Hollywood star "irreconcilable differences." Approximate to a pair of people say that both husband and wife came to the decision to terminate the marriage bond. Friends say that the main reason for the gap was the reluctance of couples to have children Olivia. She believes that she is still very young to take on such a responsibility. And her husband Tao Ruspoli always dreamed of a complete family, which is impossible without children. In foreign publications write that Olivia romance with Canadian actor Ryan Gosling (Ryan Gosling), who everyone knows for the melodrama "The Notebook."

Olivia Wilde