Penelope Cruz Sanchez was born on April 28, 1974 in the Spanish Madrid. The girl - the oldest child in the family. Pope actress was a small trader, and my mother - a hairdresser. Penelope Cruz as a child was a very active child and sometimes did not even know where to put your energy. The mother of the actress at one time contained a beauty salon. Young talent, we can say, all the free time spent in my mother's salon, female visitors watching and noticed how they interact with each other and with her mom. This knowledge became a kind of acting lessons. Even as a baby, Penelope Cruz began to show his acting credentials. Before his family she sang TV commercials. However, despite the apparent actor Talan, she decided to focus on dancing. Moreover, all mentioned in the girl's ability to move plastically surprising. Penelope Cruz was fond of jazz and dancing. With 9 years of age engaged in classical ballet at Spain's National Conservatory. Within four years, Cruz comprehended the basics of dance at Christian Roth, and then studied at different dance courses in New York. Pe (affectionately known as Penelope in Spain) is so fascinated by dancing, she decided not to wait for graduation. Instead of studying she completely dedicated herself to dance.

Start of the career
At the age of 15 years, Penelope Cruz was able to pass the casting and break into television. She took part in several television shows and also appeared in several music videos.

The debut in the movie took place in 1991. 17-year-old actress has become one of the heroines of the film "The Greek Labyrinth". Almost immediately after the premiere of the film Woman hospitalized with a diagnosis of "nervous exhaustion." On the set for all of Penelope was the first time she was not able to absolutely nothing and terribly worried. As a result, she played in the film is not the skill of the actor, and the girl's heart. The picture was erotic slant, and the role intended for adult actresses, not young girls. As a result, from the experiences Penelope began a prolonged depression. After treatment, Penelope Cruz decided to escape from the "erotic" image. It is a long time did not give its consent to the role of sexual and sensual character. Cruz shorn his hair, was shot in the love scenes and even kissed on the screen for many years. Penelope knew that risking his career, however, did not change his opinion. Immediately after leaving the hospital followed by work in the film "The Trap." Later Pe have played a role in the British thriller "Stand." Partner of the set, the actress became popular Briton Timothy Dalton. And in 1992, a wide-screen picture appeared Fernando Trueba "Belle Epoque." In it she played one of four sisters damsels who seduces a young man in the open air of the city. The action takes place in aerial scenery of the early twentieth century. The tape with the participation of Penelope Cruz pointed out by several national awards, and American Film Academy named best foreign film now.

"Belle Epoque" was for Penelope springboard into the world of show business. After the tape name of the young actress became known international film audience. The film "Jamón Jamón", which appeared in 1992, brought the actress laudatory criticisms at home and abroad. Tape received the "Oscar" for best foreign film. The audience began to closely monitor filmography rising star. Especially loved by the audience preferred a strong half of humanity, the scene from the movie "Ham, Ham", where Penelope appears "topless." So Cruz in the 17-year-old has become a bright sex symbol.

However, wide fame came to Cruz only in 1997. Then she starred in two films - the drama "Live Flesh," Spanish director Pedro Almodovar and mystical film "Open your eyes." This was followed by work in the English-language films such as "The Man with Rain in His Shoes" and "The Hi-Lo Country," Stephen Frears. In 1999, after the shooting in the film Almodovar's "All About My Mother" and the broadcast of the film at the opening of the Cannes Film Festival Penelope Cruz became insanely popular. In the next two years the life of the actress abruptly changed course. And it's not just a career in film.

Penelope Cruz starts to cooperate with the producers on both sides of the Atlantic. In the US, there is a film in which Cruz played with a number of well-known actors. In the painting "Untamed Heart" was the role of Matt Damon, Johnny Depp became a partner in the film "Cocaine" and the film "Captain Corelli's Mandolin" Penelope introduced to Nicolas Cage. With fellow-actors, by the way, the tabloids persistently drove actress. Journalists and colorful with all the details painted novels Cruz Damon and Cage.

PERSONAL LIFE of Penelope Cruz
Novel Matt Damon and Penelope Cruz tied to the film "All the King's Men," where the actress showed all her charms irresistible to Hollywood. However, the relationship has been fleeting. Damon dropped Cruz for his fiancee Winona Ryder. But Penelope was not able to keep close with Matt. During the joint work of Penelope Cruz and actor Nicolas Cage has been married to Patricia Arquette. For the Spanish beauty and Nicolas throws wife has an affair with Pe. The relationship was short-lived, and all their details are happy to play up the press. Cage was dismissed. At the premiere of film "Captain Corelli's Mandolin" offended Cage came up with a new girlfriend - Lisa Marie Presley - wound to the former mistress. However, Penelope, too, did not come alone. She was accompanied by Tom Cruise.

Namesake Tom Cruise became a partner in the Cameron Crowe film "Vanilla Sky." The picture appeared in 2001. Roman Penelope and Tom in the film turned into a real romance. Couple lasted a short time, after which celebrities have left. Penelope, by the way, again defeated a married couple - she stole Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman. "Vanilla Sky" - a remake of the Spanish film Abre Los Ojos, which appeared in 1997. It Penelope Cruz played the same role as the American equivalent. Before series of novels with celebrities Penelope Cruz have been two long novel. One lasted two years, the other for six years. She makes sure that the names of her lovers, in fact, as their numbers remained secret. It is known only that short time Pe met Kano and musicians began several years the girl had an affair with a cameraman from the Czech Republic, whose name is still kept secret. Among recent works can be identified Penelope Cruz Woody Allen "Vicky Cristina Barcelona." The picture was shot in 2008. For his role Penelope won an Oscar for "Best Supporting Actress". One of the most successful works followed in the movie-musical Rob Marshall's "Nine." In early July 2010, Penelope married actor Javier Bardem. The wedding took place in the Bahamas. January 25, 2011 Penelope Cruz gave birth to a son named Leo Enkinas Bardem. It is noteworthy that child's father - 41-year-old actor Javier Bardem - the same day received a nomination for "Oscar" in the category "Best Actor".

Penelope Cruz NOW
In addition to her acting career, Cross has been active in the modeling business - it is working with companies such as Mango, Ralph Lauren and L'Oreal. In 2010, because of the marriage Cruz hardly appears on the screen, she appeared only in a cameo role in the film "Sex and the City 2". However, a year later she took part in the filming of his biggest Hollywood adventure film "Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides," with Johnny Depp, where she again worked with director Rob Marshall. Marshall Asked why Cruz was the only candidate for the role, he replied: "She fits the description of an actress that can stand up to Johnny to face it and to be a worthy opponent. It can be funny and clever and smart and cunning, and beautiful. " For the role of Angelica, Jack Sparrow's mistress, the actress two months studied fencing. At the time of the filming of Penelope she was pregnant. April 1, 2011 for his contribution to the film industry Penelope was awarded a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Number of stars - in 2436.

In 2012, the actress was engaged in two projects: the comedy of Woody Allen's "To Rome with Love", and shooting in the Italian film "Twice Born". In 2013, Penelope Cruz appeared in the thriller "Advisor", where she played a supporting role. Cross partners on film sets were Michael Fassbender, Cameron Diaz, Brad Pitt and her own husband Javier Bardem. By the way, thank helps Penelope in her charitable endeavors. Back in 1997, she (with her boyfriend Faiz Ahmad) had spent several months in Uganda. Penelope Cruz now supports non-governmental organization, which is financing the construction of schools, the so-called contempt of houses for the homeless and hospitals, however, TB control activities in the Third World - is also the handiwork of Penelope Cruz.

Penelope Cruz


Wiki info

In 1989, 15-year-old Cruz made her acting debut in a music video for the Spanish pop group Mecano's song "La Fuerza del Destino". Between 1990 and 1997, she hosted the Spanish TV channel Telecinco's talk show La Quinta Marcha, a programme that was hosted by teenagers, aimed at a teenage audience. She also played in the "Elle et lui" episode of an erotic French TV series called Série rose in 1991, where she appeared nude. In 1992, Cruz made her feature film debut at 18 as the lead female role in the comedy drama art house film, Jamón, jamón. In the film, she portrayed Silvia, a young woman who is expecting her first child with a man whose mother does not approve of the relationship and attempts to sabotage it by paying Javier Bardem's character to seduce her. People magazine noted that after Cruz appeared topless in the film, she became "a major sex symbol". In an interview with the Los Angeles Daily News in 1999, Cruz commented that "it was a great part, but. . . I wasn't really ready for the nudity. [. . . ] But I have no regrets because I wanted to start working and it changed my life. " Charlie Rose of 60 Minutes noted that Cruz "became an overnight sensation as much for her nude scenes as for her talent". When Rose asked Cruz if she was concerned about how she would be perceived after her role in the film, Cruz replied, "I just knew I had to do the complete opposite. "