Pharrell Williams - a popular American singer, rapper and musician. It produces mainly hip-hop music. Williams has released several solo albums. He is known as a fashion designer. Today to it literally queue of artists who want to cooperate with him. Williams has already worked with Beyonce Knowles, Madonna, Shakira, Britney Spears and Timberlake.

CHILDHOOD of Pharrell Williams
Hometown Williams - Virginia Beach. He grew up with four brothers. His parents thought it important to develop creative abilities sons. Farrell lot of time to play various musical instruments. After the end of seventh grade next musician and the singer went to the camp. There he met and was fond of music by Chad Hugo. This meeting was significant because later they went to the same school and even organized a school music group. Some time later, Farrell and Hugo with his friends created the R & B group, giving it the name «The Neptunes». When they showed their collective creativity Teddy Riley, they were highly appreciated its potential. Riley signed to novice musicians.

Rise of career, the best hits
Williams became famous after he wrote the hit «Rump Shaker», designed for operating in the rap duo «Wreckx-N-Effect». Farrell at the time was only nineteen.

At the age of twenty-one years with Williams, Hugo decided to create a duo. However, they left the old name - «The Neptunes». Young people gave music lessons all the time, so the result was not long in coming. Rate this team has risen significantly since the band started to cooperate with other rappers. We know how they work together with Puff Daddy. Soon the duo started producing stars. They worked with Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears and other well-known artists, that was a good bid for the title of one of the best production team. N.E.R.D. - The name of the new team, which worked for Williams. Full name sounds like «No One Ever Really Dies». The music world gladly accepted the creative group working in the style of funk, rap, R & B and rock. The result of the new project was the emergence of two albums. One of them is called «In Search of ...», the name of the second - «Fly or Die». The band broke up, having existed for five years. The reason was the problems caused to the musicians producing label.

Production company of Pharrell Williams
In 2005, the year Williams and Hugo have created their own production company. His purpose, they put beginners promotion rappers. The name of the production company created by - «Star Trak». Soon, Farrell began working with Snoop Dogg. Their first child - a hit «Beautiful». Later, they recorded a single called «Drop It's Like It's Hot». Williams and Hugo so successful in its activities as a producer, that in 2003 and it was their work was marked by the award of the prize "Grammy."

Farrell is known as a solo artist. His debut album was released in the fall of 2005, its name - «In My Mind». A year later, fans were able to evaluate the talent of Williams his second album called «Hell Hath No Fury». In 2013, the year came third studio album with the sonorous name «GIRL». Thanks to the talented musician and performer has collaborated with world-famous stars like Madonna, Shakira and Beyonce, to him literally queues of artists who want to work together. Williams himself wants to execute a hit with his idol - Eminem.

PERSONAL LIFE of Pharrell Williams
Williams married. His wife was the model and musician's longtime girlfriend - Helen Lasichan. The wedding took place in the autumn of 2013.. Soon, the family had a son. He was named after the famous song by Elton John called «Rocket Man». The boy's name - Rocket Williams. In the animated film "Despicable Me" sounds song «Rocket's Theme», that the musician dedicated to his son Rocket.

Musician earns not only in the musical field. He also launched his clothing line - a cap, T-shirts and tracksuits. The brand developed together with the company «Reebok», its name - «Billionaire Boys Club». There is also a shoe line, namely - the line of sneakers called «Ice cream». Shoes of this line is decorated with drawings of pagers, radios, diamonds, playing dice and dollars. Sneakers «Ice cream» sold in packaging made in the form of a box from under the ice cream. Together with the renowned designer Williams designed the sunglasses. The series is called «Millionaires» and was presented to the house of Louis Vuitton. At Farrell has a tattoo on his right leg - a lutenist cherub. Under the picture is written «Thank You Master». It is known that one of the hobbies musician - astronomy, and favorite TV series is «Star Trek». Williams often rides a skateboard.

Pharrell Williams


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Through working with Riley, Williams went on to write a verse and help produce for Wreckx-N-Effect's 1992 hit "Rump Shaker". That same year, he also performed a small rap solo on SWV's second hit, "Right Here (UK Remix)". Williams and Hugo met rap duo Clipse in Virginia Beach in 1993, where they were signed to Arista Records through Williams' Star Trak Entertainment imprint. In 1994, Hugo and Williams had established themselves as a production duo under their old name "The Neptunes", and assistant-produced "Tonight's The Night" from Blackstreet's self-titled album. Over the next three years they continued to produce occasionally, and some of the results had little resemblance to the Neptunes' sound later. However, some like Mase's 1997 song "Lookin' at Me" from his album Harlem World, and the most definite beginning of the distinctive "Neptunes sound", came with N. O. R. E's "Superthug" in 1998, reaching number 36 on the Billboard Hot 100, and gaining them widespread attention for the first time. In 1999, a mutual friend introduced Williams to Kelis, and their resulting collaboration produced her first album Kaleidoscope.