Alecia and her brother were born in a family of Jewish and Catholic. The girl, who is known to the world as Pink, a child went to a regular school and later graduated from the Higher Central Bucks West High School. Alecia's father played for my daughter a guitar and singing her songs. So from an early age Pink has been set for a career rock stars.

Madonna Mom
Since childhood, she liked to Pink to sing, dance, and song-writing. The girl was firmly convinced that Madonna - her real mother. While attending high school in Pink hit musical group «Middleground», which competed with the team «The Jetsists». Even then, on the work of the actress have influenced Janis Joplin, Bette Midler, Bob Dylan, Madonna, Aerosmith, Whitney Houston, Indigo Girls, Billy Joe, Donald Maclean, The Notorious BIG and 2Pac.

In 16 years, Pink hit the R & B girl's group «Choice», which came and Sharon Flanagan, ZOEgirl, Chrissy Conway. The girls noticed when they released the song «Key to My Heart». The composition was sent to «LaFace Records» for LA Reid. He listened to the song and singers invited to view the presentations. With girls immediately signed a contract to record. The band recorded their debut album. In 1998, the band broke up, but stayed in the Alecia «LaFace», began a solo career under the name Pink. Please actress appeared on vocals celebrities. The first single style r'n'b «There You Go», which entered the record «Can not Take Me Home», appeared in 2000. But the next album «Missundaztood» was in the spirit of pop-rock. In 2003, there was a third album «Try This», not as commercially successful as the previous one.

Pop glory
Over the next single «Trouble» Pink won the "Grammy" in the category "Best female rock song." From the fourth album «I'm Not Dead», 2006, it was released a few singles, the participants of the charts: «U + Ur Hand», «Stupid Girls», «Who Knew».

Two years later came the fifth album Pink «Funhouse». A rating of the magazine «Billboard» singer was named the most famous pop artist of 2000 and 2010.

Movie singer
Since the beginning of creative activity, career Pink twist into a whirlpool of events. In 2000, she played the leading role, a cameo in the film «Ski To The Max». Two years later he appeared as a rock singer in the film "Rollerball". A year later, the character of the Coal Cup in "Charlie's Angels 2: Full Throttle" went just Pink. After the newly formed public recognition of the actress decided to plunge headlong into a film career. In 2007, viewers saw singer in the role of a charming Carolyn in the film "Catacombs." And in 2009, in front of the fans again actress appeared as a guest star in the film «Sponge Bob's Truth or Square».

In 2010, Alecia invited Nicholas Stoller on the role of comedy cameo in "Escape from Vegas." The main role went to Russell Brand, Jonah Hill, Rose Byrne and Elisabeth Moss. Film history about a young employee of the corporation musical Aaron Green, who had three days to deliver a concert in Los Angeles from London rock star Aldusa Snow. And the latter, in turn, after a disastrous album and breaking up with a girl finds solace in alcohol, drugs, promiscuous sex.

Prince William and Queen
Alecia has always been a party to the campaign, "PETA". She contributed to the protest against KFC. Actress actively promoted vegetarianism, and even sent a letter to Prince William criticizing his fox hunting. And besides, Pink Queen Elizabeth sent a message of protest against real fur in bearskin shakos Honorary Artillery Company and the Guards Corps. And in 2006, he referred to «News of the World» his distaste for Beyonce Knowles for wearing fur garments. Pink is a member of various charitable institutions. And in 2008, the actress has become the official defender of RSPCA Australia. A year later, Alecia donated to the «Red Cross Bushfire Appeal» 250 thousand dollars to the victims of a forest fire that was in the Australian state of Victoria.

Personal life
Pink is a flurry of eccentricity and contradictions. That only is an endless change of image. This forced the fans to tremble only at the mention of the name of the singer. The actress always dressed at the awards ceremony, and at the same time, to feel comfortable on a motorcycle "Harley Dvidson."

It is worth noting that for the first time Alecia sat on the motorcycle when she was only two years old. Behind the wheel was her dad. Later, the singer began to ride with her husband Carey Hart, he is, by the way, is a professional motorcycle racer. Hart first managed to trick «heart attack». Biker both legs pulled up, with one hand holding the seat, and the other was holding on to the handlebars. In 2005, she made an offer Pink Carey Hart. On motokrossnyh races in California girl holding a sign, "Will you marry me?", And on the other side reads "I'm not kidding!". In early 2006, the couple celebrated the wedding in Costa Rica. However, in early 2008, Pink agent told reporters that the family split up. In the video, 2008 «So What» actress Carey Hart demonstrated with separation and divorce. A year later, Hart told reporters that tries to establish a relationship with his ex-wife. A year later, the pair reunited.

Interesting Facts
At Pink two awards "Gremi", the same «Brit Awards» and five «MTV Music Awards». In 2009, the musical statement «Billboard Top 40 Money Makers» was written that Alecia was on the sixth place in the ranking of paid artists of the year. Only in the music industry she has earned $ 36 million. «People's Chart» reported that Pink was on the 11th line of the rating "The most -Playable artists on British radio between 2000 and 2010". Moore missed the front «The Rolling Stones», Michael Jackson, «U2» and Rod Stewart.

Alecia was a soloist in the remake of the 1985 charity single «We Are the World». After Moore worked for the album «The Imagine Project» with Herbie Hancock. In 2009, «MTV Video Music Awards» Pink sang the song «Sober» trapeze. For this it was nominated for Best Female Video. A year later, followed by another performance on the trapeze, which was in the form of a silk ribbon. On «Grammy Awards» singer earned a standing ovation the audience.



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