Rachel was born in the small town of St. Thomas. It is a suburb of London, Canada. Her father worked as a truck driver, my mother also served as a nurse. Parents of three children. Also Rachel grew up the daughter Kaylin and son Daniel.

Local talent
Committed to creativity, and unconditional ability manifested Rachel McAdams early. As early as four years old girl active in dance and figure skating. But acting career began much later - in adolescence. While studying at the school Rachel was involved in amateur theatricals - she played in a summer theater camp. Exit at the young actress does not quite bad. Her talent is appreciated even on a local scale competition. In 1995, Rachel for his performance in a school production of one-act entitled "I live in a small town" received the award at a regional theater festival. After receiving the diploma of secondary school McAdams went to study at York University. The student successfully started acting in student experimental short films.

Film career
Rachel McAdams debuted on television and in the movies at the same time, it happened in 2002. Then the young actress suddenly became widely popular. First girl has got a major role in the teen comedy "The Hot Chick." In the film she played Jessica Spencer. Almost immediately, Rachel moved to another set, it is now offered to play Patsy in the film "Perfect Pie". By the way, for this role, the actress nominated for a Canadian equivalent of the prestigious "Oscar" - a reward «Genie Award». So talented, and most importantly, a successful actress has become one of the most famous.

McAdams continue to play in the youth television series, movies and comedies.

Crappy girl
The next three years, the actress has been involved in the Canadian TV series "Slings and Arrows." Here, Rachel McAdams easily appeared before the audience in the form of Kate. A parallel with the work on the multi tape, the actress has made the company so famous as Tina Fey, Lindsay Lohan and Tim Meadows in the comedy "Mean Girls." This film is about Candy Heron, who has spent all his childhood in the distant Africa with his parents - botanists. Another painting of 2004 - this is an American film production - "The Notebook." In it she appeared in the title role, a girl Allie Hamilton. The next year, Rachel McAdams also made an attractive offer. The actress took on the role of Amy Stone in the dramatic film "The Family." In this film the action takes place in the family Stone. Everett family member who lives in a young businessman in his home is going to bring his bride, who, to put it mildly, not in his circle. At this time, the partners of the actress on the frame of steel Diane Keaton, Dermot Mulroney and Claire Danes. His phenomenal acting skills Rachel McAdams demonstrated in full in 2005. In his talent and audiences and critics she clearly assured. The actress starred in a number of very successful films. Among them, "Night Flight" and "Wedding Crashers." The main role went to actors Owen Wilson, Vince Vaughn and Christopher Walken. A Reyel also created a vibrant and diverse film-image, not only in these films, but in the whole gallery of paintings. Individuality McAdams clearly traced in the film produced in 2007, "Marriage". A little later, the actress, along with colleagues Michael Pena and Tim Robbins, brilliantly played the title role in the successful comedy "Sharp". The story of how three soldiers received leave from the war, but did not wait for the resumption of flight to return home, and rented a car for themselves.

Career Rachel McAdams at the time was already stable, they say, the mountain. Following their work, she has played in the famous American film director Guy Ritchie. In the film "Sherlock Holmes" she recreated the image of Irene Adler, and starred alongside Jude Law and Robert Downey - Jr. in the lead roles. Following on the screens out the story of three soldiers who were returning home from Iraq and made an unscheduled trip to the cities of America - a comedy "Lucky." Here it is one of the main roles - Collie Dunn went just Rachel.

Moving Time
Quite a lot of time and attention devoted Rachel McAdams its next work. The actress appeared in the fantasy film "The Time Traveler's Wife," which is based on the eponymous novel by the writer went to Audrey Niffenegger. He tells the story of a Chicago librarian who has a wonderful gift - it is in times of stress is able to move in time. The actress has worked as one of the main actresses in the role of Claire Ebshir and worked with her on tape Eric Bahn, Stephen Tobolowsky, Ron Livingstone, as well as Arliss Howard McAdams.

In the same year she appeared in theaters drama "The Great Game." Rachel this time appeared as Dell Frye. Colleagues on the set was Russell Crowe, Helen Mirren and Ben Affleck. The film is about the investigation of the murder of a political researcher who conducted a famous newspaper. By the way, it turned out to be killed by his mistress energy minister.

Good morning
Once again, Rachel McAdams has declared itself as a creative and vibrant personality in 2010. The actress starred in a comedy directed by Roger Michell's "Good Morning." At this time, the partners again become Hollywood stars - Harrison Ford, Jeff Goldblum and Patrick Wilson. The film tells the story of the legendary TV producer Becky Fuller, who has lost high-paying job. The meaning of life is lost because of the lack of change on the personal front.

Personal life
Rachel had been married several times. The first time she went to the altar in 2004 with Ryan Goslina. With him the actress met on the set pictures of "The Diary of memory." Three years later, the couple broke up, but in 2008 were again together. However, after a couple of months, followed by the final break. The next four months McAdams dated Josh Lucas. And now she had an affair with Michael Sheen.

Interesting Facts
Rachel was engaged in figure skating four years and up to adulthood.

The actress is a vegetarian, but in spite of such a choice, three summers she worked at McDonald's. McAdams tried his hand at painting "Fantastic Four." She claimed the role of Susan.

Rachel Mcadams