Childhood and adolescence of Renee Zellweger
Father - Emil Erich Zellweger was an immigrant of Switzerland. Rene has a brother Drew born in 1967. Renee and her brother were the first in the family who was born in the United States. The family migrants. Brother Rene - Andrew's childhood was her best friend, she always followed him and tried to do the same as him. When Brother began playing baseball team, Renee began to do the same, not because she liked baseball, but in order to be with his brother.

While studying in school, Renee attended drama studio, was a member of the support group of the football team, and was also involved in athletics and gymnastics. She wanted to take part in the Olympics, so the sport has paid a lot of time. Parents supported her in this, hoping that it will be an outstanding athlete, and her brother - a famous actor. But then Rene injured and realized that her Olympic medal in sight. In 1987, Rene graduated from high school and moved to the city of Ostia, which went to study at the University of Texas. Zellweger received a bachelor's degree specialist in the field of cinema, radio and television. Back in college, she enrolled in a course of dramatic games in drama school. Then Rene is not yet understood, it is a play-acting it is destined to connect a life. She went to the courses only in order to get the clock required for graduation in English literature. Toward the end of the university girl really fascinated by theater and decided to become an actress.

In 1991, Renee Zellweger graduated from the University of Texas with a BA. Aspiring actress became tuck small roles in the movies. Rene debut was a cameo in the film "Bewildered" Richard Linklater. However, there Zellvegen not say a word. Then arrived a small role in the film "Murder in the province", "Taste of the murder," "Dazed and Confused." However, this was absolutely not the kind of work that could be interested in an actress, so Renee returned to his home state.

She started going to all the samples, which were held in Houston, and finally got a role in the movie "Reality Bites." And besides, she got the starring role in the horror film, which obhayali critics and audiences, "The Return of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre." But for the actress brought the first fruits of the picture - she met with Matthew McConaughey, who persuaded Renee to move to Los Angeles.

Movies with Renee Zellweger rather coldly greeted the audience. However, the actress still impressive, and his game, and his appearance. In 1994, she played the charming Susan in the film "Shake, Rattle and Rock!", And a year later she embodied on the screen charming Gina in the film "Empire Records". But quite notable work came in the biographical drama Rene writer Robert Howard of "the whole wide world." In 1996, Zellweger's incredibly successfully played the role of a girl in love with the protagonist of the painting "Jerry Maguire," Cameron Crowe. The image of sensual girl opened one hundred percent, and openly and earnestly.

Good Sonia
For this role was followed by a series of memorable work: Care Elizabeth was in the "lie detector" in 1997, followed by single-minded Ellen of "true value", as well as a good Sonya in the film "A Price Above Rubies" in 1998. A year later, she appeared in the film "Bachelors" with Chris O'Donnell. However, none of the picture did not bring long-awaited Zellweger popularity.

Renee Zellweger in the film Bridget Jones's Diary
In 2000, Renee Zellweger's career demanded an immediate boost, so the actress did not hesitate to accept the role of Irene in the movie "Me, Myself and Irene," the Farrelly brothers. This was followed by a variety of roles. Among them, Betty in the film "Nurse Betty," a young girl on the show "Friday Night with Jonathan Ross".

But really his comic talent Rene shown in the film "Bridget Jones's Diary." In 2001 for the Zellweger, as well as its partners, Colin Firth and Hugh Grant, it was truly the year Bridget Jones. Large heroine (played by specially gained weight for the role), Grantovsky Playboy, as well as the hero Firth, won critical acclaim and recognition of the audience. There followed a huge success Renee Zellweger. After this work was followed by an even more attractive offer to play in the film adaptation of the popular musical "Chicago." The audience took the story with enthusiasm, not even focusing on the shortcomings of cinema. The role in "Chicago" for Rene triumph. Oskoranosnaya picture, which received a lot of favorable reviews of critics, became a hit in 2002 in terms of box office receipts. In 2003, in the pocket of Renee Zellweger appeared another statuette "Oscar" for Ruby minor role in the war drama "Cold Year" by Anthony Minghella. This is the story about the adventures of the warden, whose beautifully played by Tom Hanks. The film received mixed reviews and also had meager success at the box office. Anyway, each successive character actress was endowed with charm, expressiveness, temperament. It was under these descriptions fit feminist named Barbara Novak retrokomedii "Down with Love". Here, in a duet with Renee gave Evan McGregor.

Zellweger NOW
And critics and audiences were further pleased by the role of Mae Braddock in the erotic film "Cinderella Man" with Russell Crowe. The latter, by the way, even took lessons in boxing Kostya Ju for authenticity. Again with Evan MakKgegorom Rene met on the set of the biographical drama "Miss Potter."

After a brief lull Renee flashed again in a melodramatic comedy called "Frozen from Miami." A role she played with feeling and conviction. Its heroine - a woman who loved all the luxurious and expensive, but had to adapt to the harsh climate and relatively quite unfriendly inhabitants.

In the same year, Renee Zellweger created a diverse and vibrant images in the film "Love without rules" and "Appaloosa." Each work has earned praise and attention. A year later, she appeared in the horror thriller "Case 39," about a girl who survived a terrible massacre.

Personal life
Outside the set Renee turns into an ordinary person. She has a house in upstate New York, in East Hampton. Zellweger wants to live in Los Angeles. And, despite the huge fees, the actress goes on an old jeep, it also carries a dog flies the tourist class. And in his spare time, prefers to walk on a mountain bike or read a book. After filming the movie "Me, Myself & Irene" Rene began an affair with Jim Carrey. X relationship lasted about a year. According to rumors, the actress had a relationship with George Clooney in 2001. From 2003 to 2004 Renee Zellweger met with actor Jack White, whom she met on the set of the film "Cold Mountain." In love, the actress did not carry. One of her suitors had committed suicide because of failed relationships. Rene was married to country singer named Kenny Chesney. They were married in May 2005 and were divorced in December of 2005. In early 2009, the actress had a relationship with the actor and producer Dan Abrams, which lasted several months. From August 2009 to March 2011, Rene met with actor Bradley Cooper.

Now Renee is still looking for his ideal. She zhivei at his home in East Hampton. Rene - a simple man. Despite the millions of state, she goes on an old jeep, which always carries his favorite dog, while air travel has always selects only the tourist class. In her spare time she likes to read books, watch movies and do cycling.

Interesting Fact
Ten months Rene trained in vocal and dance to participate in the film "Chicago".

Renee Zellweger


Wiki info

While still in Texas, Zellweger appeared in several indie and low budget films. One was A Taste for Killing (1992), followed by a role in the ABC miniseries Murder in the Heartland (1993). The following year, she appeared in Reality Bites, the directorial debut of Ben Stiller, and in the biographical film 8 Seconds, directed by John G. Avildsen. Zellweger's first main role in a movie came with the 1994 horror film Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation, alongside Matthew McConaughey. She played Jenny, a teenager who leaves a prom early with three friends who get into a car accident, which leads to their meeting a murderous family, led by the iconic Leatherface. The movie received a limited theatrical release, to a general negative reaction. However, Janet Maslin of The New York Times, praised her and co-star McConaughey, remarking that both "do show signs of what would soon make them famous. Ms. Zellweger, sweet and sprightly and a natural-born ditz, may be the only actress who could point a gun bravely at a killer, then simply shriek and drop it and scamper away". Joe Leydon for Variety magazine also lauded Zellweger, calling her "the most formidable scream queen since Jamie Lee Curtis went legit".