Robert - the third child in the family. He has two older sisters who are far from the cinema. Lizzie has become quite well-known musician and composer, and Victoria with his head went into the advertising business.

Pattinson's mom Clare worked for a modeling agency, father Richard was engaged in the export of vintage cars from America. Education Robert received at school for boys Tower House School, and at age 12 he was expelled and he joined the Harrodian School. Why the future actor kicked - is still a mystery. Even in adolescence, Robert began to notice a acting talents. At age 15 he made his debut in a small theater. At first, the young actor take out small supporting roles, and later on the guy noticed and invited to the theater «Barnes Theatre Club». There Pattison and got his first professional acting skills. In «Barnes Theatre Club» Robert played in three major productions: "Everything passes," "Macbeth" and "Tess of Derbervilley." In 12 years, Robert has become a model. True, his career lasted only four years. The boy grew up quickly, and he soon appeared masculine traits. That is why the future of the actor began to offer less and less work. "When I started, it was very high, like a girl. I receive a lot of offers. But then, I guess, I became too much like a man and can say, left without work. My modeling career was the most unsuccessful, "- says Robert Pattinson.

The first steps in the cinema
Now piggy Robert Pattinson about 20 film works. But it has become popular recently. The first role, a minor, was entrusted to the actor in 2004. Then he played Gizelhera in the German film "Der Ring des Nibelungen." Immediately followed by a role in the film Raud Crowley "Vanity Fair." However, almost immediately after the shooting by the decision of the director scenes with Pattinson cut. As a result, an actor on the big screen in this film did not see the original is available only on DVD-version.

Popularity came to Robert Pattinson in 2005, when the screen displays the fourth part of the famous saga of Harry Potter, "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire." The actor got the role of Cedric Diggory. By the way, Robert has always wanted to play in films with independent and capable of changing scenarios. Back in 2003, he met with the director of the fourth "Potter" Mike Nyullenom. And Robert was the first actor that is approved for the role a week later after casting. After "Harry Potter" Pattinson was lit in the TV show "The Haunted Airman" and in "The Handbook bad mother" a year later.

Conquest of the podium
Meanwhile, work on the "Harry Potter" Roby allowed to appear in the modeling business. In 2007 he took part in the show of the autumn collection of clothes «Hackett's». Pattison was in excellent shape and was behaving quite confident on the podium. Robert Pattinson The real breakthrough came in 2008. The actor starred in four films. This "Little Ashes" and the role of the young Salvador Dali painting "Summer House" and the role of Richard, the film "How to Be" and the role of Art and, of course, the sensational "Twilight", where Robert Pattinson turned into a kind of vampire Edward Cullen who fell in love simple girl. After the last picture actor soared in popularity. In 2010, Robert Pattinson starred in the sequel to the popular vampire saga based on the novel by Stephenie Meyer. The second film is called "New Moon" and there is the actor starred. The success of the first scene was repeated. After the saga Robert Pattinson said in surprise that feeling when you did not know yesterday, but today you're popular, not transferable. In 2010, rolling out the drama "Remember Me." They played Robert Tyler student who meets a girl named Ellie. In the novel, he went to avenge her father, a police officer, who was arrested for a fight in which the guy was not. Tyler falls in love with Ellie, but September 11, 2001 for all couple separates. In the same year the actor played in "Eclipse."

In 2011 Pattison appears on the screen in the movie "Twilight. Saga. Dawn," "Water for Elephants" and "Bel Ami."

Robert enjoys skiing and loves to play guitar and synthesizer. The actor is part of the group «Bad Girls». Frontman current boyfriend Rob's ex-girlfriend. Pattinson wants to record his own album without the help of a record company. Actor understand that this plate can remain unnoticed and bring income, but Robert does not care. "I am, in fact, it does not matter whether or not to buy the album. The main thing I want to write it down, just for yourself, as well as work with good musicians, "- says Robert. At the same time, record Pattinson sees in the rock 'n' roll spirit of Led Zeppelin ». Moreover, the actor tried his hand as a solo artist. He performs under the pseudonym Bobby Dupea. By the way, the actor is interested in music since childhood. Robert says that playing the piano - as I can remember, three or four years. A little later he began playing the guitar and would not let her out of the hands of up to twelve years. However, then for many years I scored a stringed instrument. On the eve of the popularity I remembered the children's hobby and started playing the blues.

It is worth noting that the film "Twilight" Robert wrote and sang the ballad he «Let Me Sign» and «Never Think». The latter, by the way, the soundtrack to the film.

Personal life
At the age of twelve years, Robert Pattinson appeared girlfriend. True "love" only lasted three weeks. But the actor's life were such a relationship that lasted years. "Yes, I liked, however, has never been such that I said," Honey, I'm so ready to die for you. " Perhaps all ahead. In recent years, I am constantly traveling. In every city I stay no more than two weeks. As soon as I come, I have got to go. Even in his native London'm a maximum of five days. Time is running out to strike up a real relationship, "- says the actor. Pattinson does not like all day around people. It is found, of course, with your friends, but appreciates peace. He uses it to write scripts. In early 2010, Robert Pattinson was invited to the Oprah Winfrey show as the star of "Twilight." Then the actor and Kristen Stewart said that they were a couple. But in recognition of the ether is not passed. Those present say that love to confess her feelings to Oprah backstage. A couple friends in the studio said that the stars very romantic relationship. Winfrey tried to find out the details, but Stewart interrupted the conversation, saying that personal life is not discussed. But Pattinson open up and began to joke that Kristen loves him and she is pregnant. Robert added that it will not be his first baby. It may have been an allusion to the relationship of the actor with singer Kelly Blackwell. She attributed the affair with Robert and pregnancy from him.

By the way, during the filming of "Eclipse" Robert and Kristen constantly lived in one room, despite the fact that the actress had their apartments. However, a close Pattinson says that the actor is in no hurry to get married, because afraid of losing independence.

Robert Pattinson


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In 2009, Pattinson presented at the 81st Academy Awards. [64] On 10 November 2009, Revolver Entertainment released the DVD Robsessed, a documentary which details Pattinson's life and popularity. His next film The Twilight Saga: Eclipse was released on 30 June 2010, earning $698,491,347 worldwide. [65][66] The film received mixed reviews, Kirk Honeycutt of The Hollywood Reporter praised Pattinson's performance, stating that "(he) makes you forget the white makeup and weird eye contact lenses – to focus on a character torn between his love for the human Bella (Stewart) and the knowledge that she'll have to let go of her beating heart if she's to stay with him forever. "[67] Will Lawrence of Empire Online praised the performance of three leads of the film by saying that "All three corners of the love triangle look sharper than before: the most accomplished actor, Stewart, still lip-biting, Lautner still pec-flexing, and Pattinson not fully shaking that fiery-eyed pout. But all have grown into their roles, cutting loose in a film that (thankfully) sidesteps the melodrama of its prequels. "[68]