Father of Ryan worked as a police officer of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, but the birth of a son he had already resigned. Mom worked as a saleswoman in a store. The actor also became the fourth baby in the family.

Yellow snow
Already six years, the future actor was in school. And in the third grade, he started his career. Ryan was entrusted to a small role in a school production. And after school, Reynolds went to the University Kvountlin, however, studied there for long. During student young man had time to work in night clubs, yacht clubs, grocery stores. In addition, he collected a comedy group called "Yellow Snow". Already in his youth Ryan set a goal: to become a famous actor. Prerequisites for this present, the young man had a good sense of humor and erudition. Therefore, a boy Billy Reynolds played in the soap opera "Fifteen." Well, first pretty serious work began episodes actor in the films "Shut up and serve," "Ordinary Magic," "My name is Kate," "Odyssey" in 93-95 years. And these roles Ryan attracted attention. This Reynolds did not disdain and little work, for example, in the movie "In Cold Blood," "When Friendship Kills" and "Life in Wartime," a couple of years later. The US quickly became a sought-after actor in Hollywood, but only thanks to the comic gift. 1998 to Ryan became saturated. He got the role of a student in the film "Two guys, a girl and a pizzeria," but other than that, he played in the film "Coming Soon", "tourist trap", "Friends president." Reynolds embodied on the screen are a number of vivid images, so critics welcomed his game.

However, while one after another, followed by movies, where Ryan appeared as only small roles. This, for example, the series "The X-Files," "The Outer Limits," "Sabrina - a young witch." Loud commercial success, of course, was not, but for the reputation of the best actor.

Doomed to success
Ryan became popular among filmmakers, than not fail to take advantage. In 2001, the actor starred in the films "Their brains changed", "Fallen", "Reward if found", "Medical Academy". And every work bribed charm and temperament. A year later, Reynolds became even more popular after the release of pictures of "Van Wilder" and "The Cat in the bag." After that, the actor has already flaunted on a par with Hollywood celebrities. In 2003, the actor again has worked in a number of successful films. This is a "foolproof" and "Wedding Party". Ryan has established itself not only in comedies, but also in the picture with a thrilling story. Among them may be noted the tape in 2004, "Blade: Trinity." This is the last picture of the trilogy of "Blade", which was put on the comic book. Reynolds was given the role perfectly. Moreover, it is different from the previous ones. From the actor needed not only savvy, but also a good physical preparation. To work the young man even boosted 6 kilos of muscle.

Under the "grass"
But the next time the actor has appeared in a cameo role in the comedy "Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle." Reynolds appeared in the company of John Cho and Kal Penn. This film tells of friends who, after "grass" decided to eat in the restaurant and on the way to it visited campus, got lost and the police car, which was stolen. The box picture has collected $ 18 million budget paid for twice. After a brief lull in the light of published film "Great Harvest" Rob Makkittrika. Ryan entrusted with the role of a waiter in the history of the other side of the restaurant industry. However, the actor plays Anna Faris and Justin Long.

Another success of the actor - is the romantic comedy "Just Friends" in 2005. Ryan played alongside Amy Smart and Anna Faris. In the audience, among other things, in the same year we introduced the tape "Teacher of the Year."

A dark horse
Every year, Reynolds appeared as in the paintings of different genres. In 2005, the actor got temnoharakterny George in the film - a remake of the famous horror film "The Amityville Horror." Here, by the way, Ryan brought himself and elements of comedy. After the release of the tape popularity of a young man was beginning to go off-scale. A year later, Ryan Reynolds has finished work on the film "Smokin 'Aces" and played an FBI agent there. This French-American-British action movie with a touch of drama and comedy elements. The story tells of how the FSB fight with the American mafia. The film proved to be quite successful.

In 2007, the actor starred in the film "Nine" and also appeared in the film "Chaos Theory." By the way, in the latest tape was a speech about a guy named Frank, who was obsessed with work and career, but suddenly he accidentally found out that he could not be the father. And this at a time when he already grown daughter. It turned out that the real father of the girl - friend of Frank. The hero had fallen in the fury ...

Following out the work in the film "Fireflies in the Garden" and "Definitely, Maybe". He left a good mark in the life of Ryan and in 2009, when Reynolds starred in high-profile films "Paper Man", "X-Men. Start. Wolverine "," Adventureland ", as well as the comedy" The Proposal ". Talented actors were subject to almost all the images. He could easily play and lyrical and comedic.

It is worth noting that Ryan Reynolds madly like to work in film. "It's like a chemistry ... or fireworks. It is useless to "pull" a role or rehearse. It - like to drive a Ferrari. "

Personal life
About his personal life the actor does not like to talk. However, it can not be called an unstable and chaotic. In 2002 Ryan met with Alanis Morissette. Two years later, the pair even announced their engagement. Reynolds wanted a quick wedding, but the bride was trying to escape from the bonds of marriage ambulances. As a result, in 2006 the couple broke up, but is still on friendly terms.

And in the middle of 2008 it was reported that Ryan betrothed with Scarlett Johansson. The wedding took place a few months later. This marriage for both actors is the first.

Interesting Facts
Actor very afraid of heights, so experiencing panic before flying on an airplane. Phobia came after Ryan while jumping from the first parachute did not open.

Ryan Reynolds


Wiki info

In 2010, Reynolds starred in the Spanish and American thriller Buried, which screened at the Sundance film festival. In June 2010, Reynolds was invited to join the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Reynolds portrayed the Hal Jordan version of superhero Green Lantern in Warner Bros. ' film Green Lantern, released on June 17, 2011 in 3D. Though the film didn't fare well both financially and critically, this role made him one of the few actors to headline in films based on both Marvel and DC characters. In 2011 he co-starred in the comedy, The Change-Up, as well as being the narrator for the documentary film The Whale. In 2012, he portrayed an agent in Safe House, alongside Denzel Washington. He then had starring roles in two Dreamworks Animation feature films; The Croods and Turbo, both released in 2013. His next role was in portraying Nick Walker in the Universal Pictures film adaptation of Dark Horse Comics' R. I. P. D. (Rest in Peace Department), which was released in 2013. Reynolds went on to star in low-budget films, The Voices (2014), The Captive (2014), and Mississippi Grind (2015); before having a supporting role in the financially successful biographical film, Woman in Gold (2015). Reynolds returned to the thriller genre with Self/Less (2015) where he played a dual role (something he had done before in his career).