Sam Worthington was born in England but grew up and lived for a long time in Australia. And acting, he studied there at the National Institute of Dramatic Art, which is located in Sydney. The father of actor Ronald worked at the power plant, but the mother led household, brought Sam and his sister. As a teenager, Samuel fond acting. A boy playing on a stage in the school of dramatic art Johns cardboard. It was then that he decided that his life will connect with the film and theater.

Sam himself says that the school never thought of becoming an actor, and attended a theater class only because it was convenient to get acquainted with the girls. The 17-year-old Samuel left his studies in school and on the advice of his father, went to the other coast of Australia to begin an independent life. Future celebrity has tried several jobs, but lingered longest with a team of builders, who traveled around the country and to build houses. It was with her, and Worthington was in Sydney, where he arrived on the scene. Here, Sam began a relationship with a girl who dreamed of a career as an actress with her company, he applied for the main drama school in Australia - National Institute of Dramatic Art, from which graduated Cate Blanchett and Mel Gibson. My friend Sam is not passed the exam, but the young person to the institute accepted. According to Worthington, he studied the future actor without zeal, more fun than go to class.

In 1998, the artist graduated from NIDA, and immediately began to work in the production of "Kiss of Judas" Belvoir Theatre. At the same time film career starts and Sam Worthington. The actor got the role in the series «Blue Heelers», «Water Rat," "Military investigators." Soon Sam's talent was spotted and he moved with supporting roles in the main. In 2001, the actor got the role of one of the dancers of brothers in the film "Heels" (the second brother played Adam Garcia), and a year later, Worthington starred in the acclaimed war drama titled "Hart's War" with Colin Farrell and Bruce Willis, as well as in the Australian crime comedy "Dirty Deeds". Here the partners set become famous Bryan Brown, Toni Colette and John Goodman. And for the role of Darcy, who was the nephew of a credible gangster by Brown, Sam received a nomination for the prestigious Australian Film Institute. Following a record of Samuel appeared such films as "16 years. Love. Reloaded, "" I gave up, "" The Great Raid, "" Macbeth, "" Battle on the spot. " By the way, the film "16 years. Love. Reloaded "has been recognized at international festivals, moreover, he was named the best Australian film of 2004. And the actor won the Australian Film Institute award for the main male role.

Sam - actor, who are primarily interested in original and unexpected projects. In 2004, he released his own creation, the short film «Enzo». In it, he gave both writer and director, and the operator, and composer. «Enzo» - is a lyrical sketches from the life of the African boy who dreams of becoming a soccer star.

Trailer instead home
Prior to 2006, Samuel was known only by the Australian television series. And this despite the fact that after 2002, he began acting in Hollywood films. By the way, the expected result of the recognition in the second country, was obliged to be a continuation of a Hollywood career. Worthington starts with your agent to take steps in this direction. In 2006, the actor tried his hand at the role of James Bond in the film "Casino" Royal ".

Sam reached the final casting, but 007 did not become. The role given to Daniel Craig. Later Worthington not filmed anywhere else, he consoled himself a starring role in the modern version of "Macbeth" by Shakespeare. Despite the fact that the picture has turned controversial, many call this work of Sam one of the best. Then the actor sold all his possessions and lived away from home, and in the trailer. However, in 2006, he again began to attempt to gain an enviable role. It was this year was a turning point in the life of the actor. After the trial he got the main role of Jake Sully in the sci-fi 3D-epic "Avatar," the legendary James Cameron. This work brought him worldwide popularity. Acting Sam has made such a strong impression on the people who make important decisions in Hollywood that Australian Englishman was showered with offers of work. By the way, Worthington specially came to Russia for the premiere of "Avatar." And it was not his first visit to St. Petersburg and Moscow. In one of his interviews, the actor admitted to reporters that he was very comfortable with Russia. "I once worked as a bricklayer and cost homes - told Samuel - I constantly talked with the architects. The first thing that caught my eye in Russia - an architecture that has a rich history and a great cultural heritage. It is truly impressive. Coming to Russia, I feel so comfortable, as if dressed old and worn, but favorite sweater. " By the way, in the same interview with the actor, star fighters noticed that hates sports, and do not go to the gym. Further, on the recommendation of the director of "Avatar," Sam got the role of Marcus Wright in the movie "Terminator Salvation." Experts say that in many respects the actor has surpassed even his eminent partner in the name of Christian Bale, who got the role of rebel leader Connor. And in 2010, the actor played Persneya blockbuster based on Greek mythology, "Clash of the Titans," a thriller about the life of the Israeli intelligence "Debt" with Helen Mirren, as well as the melodrama, "Tell Me" with Keira Knightley.

The real fame came to Sam only when the world saw him in "Avatar" and "Terminator."

Interesting Facts
Sam Worthington poor eyesight, however, the actor does not wear glasses. Sam Worthington - left-handed.

Personal life
Four years, starting in 2005, Sam met a girl named Maeve Dirmodi. One year after separation, and until today he is happy with the stylist Natalie Mark.

Sam Worthington