Sienna was born in a fairly wealthy and popular family. Her father - a banker Edward Miller, and my mother - English actress named Josephine Joe Miller. Parents brought together with Siena daughter Savannah. When future celebrity was six years old, her parents divorced. Mother and daughter went to live in England. In the town of Ascot, Berkshire, Sienna went to study at a boarding school for girls. Classmates remembered Miller as a wild child. Girl smoking and drove friendships with boys from nearby schools. After graduating from the guesthouse Miller returned to the United States. There she continued her studies at the Academy of Arts Lee Strasberg. A little later, it is time to debut, but Sienna got on the professional New York stage off-Broadway.

Between America and Britain
On the big screen, Sienna Miller was first introduced in 2001. She got a small role in the movie "South Kensington". Then in London aspiring actress starred in the independent film "Joy-Rider", later followed by guest appearance in the TV series "The American Embassy". However, the greatest success has been to Sienna after the arrival of a permanent job in a television series for the BBC's "time to sleep." It was broadcast on the air since 2001.

Next Miller's career took off in leaps and bounds. In early 2003, the actress Fiona Bickerton played superbly in the series about a New York police "Keen Eddie." Next she got two roles at once, the first was in the movie "Layer Cake" and the second in the comedy "Handsome Alfie, or What men want." The latter has become a landmark for the Sienna. Miller had a chance to play Nikki, she became one of the many women who are seduced by the charming Alfie. And outside the workplace, Sienna twisted romance with leading man already popular actor Jude Law. A loving couple began to appear everywhere together. In particular, they both attended the support of another film Jude "Cold Mountain." In 2006, Sienna load with Hayden Christensen and Guy Pearce in the biographical film "Factory Girl" by George Hickenlooper. In the drama filmed the tragic life story of Edie Sedgwick, the muse of legendary director of art-house cinema and artist Andy Warhol. It was he who turned the can of tomato soup in a fetish of the 20th century. He also founded the popular bohemian coterie 60s glamor club called "Factory".

"Not a bad actress, but her name is often associated with kinoskandalami." That is characterized by Sienna Miller. Despite the fact that it was filmed mostly in independent films. One of these works - is the "Interview" in 2007, which srezhessiroval Steve Buscemi. Sienna played the title role of Katya, working with her and Michael Buscemi Steve Buscemi. The following year, the Sienna has participated in the filming of commercial paintings. For example, in 2007 there was a film-screen version of the science fiction novel by Neil Gaiman, "Stardust." The film-tale actress coped superbly with the role of Victoria. Then Miller got the main role in the adventure film "Honeymoon Camilla" Gregory Mackenzie. Actress acted in a duet with James Franco.

And further…
"Do not experienced the great charm and ability, lurking in her piercing eyes and a magical smile." It's all about Sienna. In 2008, she worked in the drama "Hippie Hippie Shake" directed Biban Kidron, who starred on the memoirs of Richard Neville. The actress played the role of Louise Ferrier. Following was the work in the American film "Secrets of the City", and then the main role in the military melodrama "Forbidden Love," directed by John Maybury. In this movie, Sienna appeared with Keira Knightley and Cillian Murphy. Two proud and freedom-loving women were linked charismatic and brilliant poet Dylan Thomas, who was fond of these two women.

Sienna, critics say, is created for all movie genres, but especially for the author. In 2009, the actress tried her hand in the American film "Woman of No Importance." And then began to work on an adventure thriller "The Rise of Cobra." Here, directed by Stephen Sommers, writer Stuart Beattie, but the tape itself is still played Marlon Wayans and Channing Tatum. Among other things, Sienna Miller in 2005, is actively working in the fashion business. She made her debut on the London theater scene in the same year. And then he played the role of Celia in the play "As You Like It" by Shakespeare. The performance put David Lan.

Married hunter
In 2004, during the casting for the film "Handsome Alfie, or What men want" Sienna met with the British hunk Jude Law. It is for her the actor had left his wife and three children. Roman has developed very rapidly, but after a year and a half parted lovers. Another similar story happened with the heir to the dynasty of kings oil. Balthazar Getty, an actor of the television series "Brothers & Sisters" did not manage to meet the hospital from his wife, who gave birth to their fourth child, he found himself in the tabloids in the photographs in his shorts around Sienna Miller. The actor left the family and began to live happily with fellow actress in Los Angeles. However, after this incident public is beginning to rebel. In London house unknown Miller wrote in big letters "slut." After Editors fan site actress announced that the Internet-page plan to close because of the rather unseemly behavior of the former idol. Later Siena terminating contracts beginning filmmakers.

In 2008, by Sienna Miller, who nevertheless became persona non grata, received recognition as follows: "Please do not judge me. Thus was created that I fell in love with not free men, and yet Lawless Heart. I still realized I was wrong, and now I repent and ask forgiveness from the one who caused the pain. And I want to add that we have decided to part ways with Balthazar. " Indeed, Balthazar Getty returned to the family, and Miller had one for a year, while in 2009 again entered into a relationship with Jude Law.

Actor Rise Ayfins, which Sienna also met three times offered the girl to marry him. But at the crucial moment Siena were caught with another man.

Interesting Facts
In early 2006, the actress signed a contract with a company from England «Pepe Jeans» and began to produce his own line of denim clothing and accessories "2812". The name stands simply - is the date of birth of the actress. Sienna since 1997 working model. She has collaborated with well-known manufacturers of clothing and products. Among them «Prada», «Vogue» and «Coca-Cola».

Sienna Miller