Steven was born in Toronto. Since childhood, he was quiet and obedient child. The parents decided to send their son to a private school for boys. During his studies he was able to devote a lot of time pursuits different sports. As shown later life, it is very useful. Amell easily get used to the role of the beautiful macho.

Stephen Amell career as an actor, filmography
For the first time about the possibility of becoming an actor, he thought in 2003 and it was. Then he worked for an insurance company. In addition, behind Steven it was five years in the Canadian business. A bad year forced to think about acting career more seriously.

Career actor first took shape very difficult and very slow. However, its appearance, growth and overall physical development Krasavchikov allow you to play with half-naked torso. Time passed and the actor with the texture was observed.

He finally managed to get a role in a twenty-three years. He played in an episode of trainer bike path. It so happened that while he was looking for an opportunity to start filming, he had to somehow stay afloat, and the young man moonlighting as an instructor in cycling. When the opportunity to play the role of coach, he thought that this sort of role he certainly will, because he has a real experience in the field. As it turned out later, it had absolutely no value. New actor put forth that if this role he could not get it "come down from the race." But there was a small miracle, and he played the coach in his first series. Its name - "Close friends". That less, start has been made, and the actor became actively removed. For example, in the 2005 draft, he appeared in "Dante's Cove". The role was noticeable, and his character, Adam remembered by critics and audiences. So was the first step to the popularity of the actor, which was just around the corner. The series "Coffee Shop," where Steven starred in the 2006th, brought him a nomination "The best a guest actor" award at the "Jamie".

Stephen Amell at the moment, "Vampire Diaries"
The first role in cinema Amell played in the 2007th. It was the Canadian drama "The particles Tracy," which tells of a girl of fifteen years and her hard life. He then landed a role in the sci-fi series "ReGenesis." His performance was highly praised and the actor received the award "Jamie." This award is made more popular by Stephen in his profession. In the short time he has appeared in many popular projects: "90210", "Vampire Diaries", "stallion", "Private Practice." In "The Vampire Diaries" also starring Nina Dobrev, Ian Somerhalder, Paul Wesley, Candice Accola and other Hollywood stars.

Amella fame when he starred in the TV series "Arrow", which was created based on the comic book. Before this role, he had to take a few plays, but after the first actor realized that they are interested in. When he was told that he approved, Stephen first thing to share the joy with his family, calling his parents and sister, and only then went to bed. For the filming of the actor had to learn to shoot a bow, which took a few weeks, as was training for a fight and parkour. Being a fan of the business, the majority of actor tricks performed independently. Stephen like archery, but as he said, she began to like him only after he has ceased to click bowstring forearm. He believes it is an entertaining pastime.

At the high bar the series, the events in it are developing very quickly. This does not give the audience relax. Most likely, this project will be one of the most successful and popular. The "Arrow" actor had a chance to work with Willa Holland and Katie Cassidy. In the middle of 2013th he began work on the second season of "Strela".

PERSONAL LIFE of Stephen Amell
Stephen had a long relationship, which lasted about six years. They were not easy, in the end, she just left. In the words of the actor, they parted as eighth graders. This event, he said, almost the best in my life, because thanks to the parting Amell was able to start with a clean slate. Since it after leaving nothing to hold, he felt completely free and can fully devote her acting career. Stephen is married to actress Cassandra Jean. The wedding took place on Christmas Day of 2012, and held in the Caribbean and in a few months (in May), the pair once again held a wedding ceremony, but in New Orleans, for those of his friends, who for some reason could not come to the Caribbean. Soon everyone knew that the happy couple waiting for a child.

Already in October 2013th actor became a happy daddy little girl, who was given the name of the complex - Mavi Jean Alexander Amell. It came just in time. The first anniversary of marriage couple celebrated Christmas 2013th year, going to Hawaii. Daughter Mavi vacationing with his parents, despite his age of two months. He says the actor, his personal life for a long time did not develop as he gave all his time filming. Amell his girlfriend jokingly called "cinema". Stephen has a cousin Robbie Amell. He is also an actor. Brothers dream that some serial interested in the possibility of withdrawing immediately and invite them both, perhaps, on the role of brothers. It may also happen that in the future they will create your project, where they can be removed in pairs.

Stephen Amell


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As an avid professional wrestling fan, Amell had long campaigned for a guest appearance on WWE's weekly Raw program, when in late May 2015 it was reported that he was tentatively set to wrestle Stardust at WWE's SummerSlam pay-per-view on August 23, 2015. Amell made his first WWE appearance on the May 25 Raw, where he had a confrontation with Stardust. However, after the real-life death of Stardust's father Dusty Rhodes in June 2015, reports speculated that the match had been scrapped. Despite this, Amell stated at the 2015 Comic Con International in July 2015, "I'm probably gonna do some stuff with the WWE. I don't know if that means a wrestling match. We'll see. " Amell returned to Raw on August 10, continuing his storyline with Stardust when he stepped into the ring after being assaulted in the audience by Stardust, attacking the wrestler until being contained by security. Following a backstage segment with Triple H, it was announced that Neville would team with Amell to face Stardust and King Barrett at SummerSlam.