Summer Glau - a beautiful girl and a wonderful actress. Her career had a variety of roles, but because today it is familiar to all fans of American cinema. Surprisingly, the "crown" for our today's heroine became a genre of science fiction. The actress has acquired great popularity by playing on such shows as "Firefly," "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles" and in the cinema film "The Mission" Sireniti. " This fact makes the main character of today's article is absolutely unique actress. After all, these girls like her in our time a little bit.

Summer Glau was born on July 24, 1981 in the Texas town of San Antonio. In addition to her own in her family she had three children, including our current heroine was the eldest. His father worked as an architect of the future celebrity, and my mother all his life taught the children at a school in San Antonio. Link to the art of the soul Summer appeared in early childhood. However, it is worth noting that at first the young beauty not gravitated to acting and ballet. She began choreographing in the five years, and later in the ballet reached such success that she decided at an early age to leave school and go on home schooling. Subsequently, such a move was justified and very soon brought noticeable results. The young dancer was one of the best students in his section has received many prestigious dance awards, and has become a real star in the business.

In the dreams of the fate of professional ballet dancers passed all his childhood the young celebrity. However, at some point, all ballet gains were wiped out a serious leg injury. First, our current heroine is very grieved about it. It is vain to go to different doctors and a chiropractor but each time the verdict remained the same - about ballet art Summer Glau had to forget. In order to bring the daughter of a prolonged depression at one point, his parents sent her to a friend in Los Angeles. There, our current heroine spent the summer and then completely random even managed to get a job in one of the new commercials. This episode proved fatal, and in the near future Summer Glau has returned to San Antonio with a new dream - the dream of an actress. After graduating from secondary school, young beauty moved to Los Angeles where he became a step by step to build a career as an actress. First, she starred in commercials and moonlighted as a model, but has just six months later was able to make his debut on the television screen.

Career, filmography
His first screen role Summer Glau received in one of the episodes of fiction series, "Angel." It is noteworthy that for the filming of this project useful girl and her ballet skills that she demonstrated in the frame, performing an excerpt from the party "Giselle". As a result, the debut was quite successful. Bright appearance and innate acting talent helped the actress to gain a foothold in the world of American cinema. Just a few months after the first work of our current heroine played a role in an episode of «CSI Crime Scene Investigation "and quite soon also appeared in a new sci-fi project" Firefly. "

Shooting Space Odyssey proved particularly successful. Soon Summer Glau character became a regular character in the story. She appeared solo fans, but because for the first time the actress could feel like a celebrity. Work on this project lasted for a whole year, during which Summer has already become one of the brightest stars of American television. However, to gain a foothold in this as the girl was not immediately apparent. After the end of the "Firefly" our current heroine became reappear only episodes of various serials. In the period from 2003 to 2005 is the actress played in projects such as "Grey's Anatomy", "4400", "Detachment" Antiterror, "" Cold Case "and other television tapes. Again, get a major role Summer Glau could only two years later, after the first striking work. New page in the filmography of the actress became all the same role of River Tam in the cinematic adaptation of "Firefly" - "Mission Sireniti." For this work, our current heroine managed to get SFX Award and the award "Saturn". After that, her career slowly began to re-grow.

Over the next two years, the talented native of San Antonio, has played a major role in the low-budget fantasy film "Mammoth," and also appeared in the form of the central character in the TV movie "The Initiation of Sarah."

Summer Glau NOW
A truly triumphant career as an actress began in the year 2008. During this period, Summer Glau had a starring role in the TV series "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles," which instantly brought her great success. For the role Kemmerom Phillips actress received the award "Saturn", and was awarded several other prestigious nominations.

After this Summer began to appear on the screens of almost on a regular basis. Among her most important works stand out such films as "Deadly Honeymoon", "The Legend of the gates of hell", "Help of the holidays." In addition, one of the central roles of Summer Glau was able to get a fantastic series "Cloak", but the project was canceled after the first season. Currently, the actress keeps all also acting on television. In recent years, she appeared in such popular projects as "The Big Bang Theory", "Boom", as well as some others. In 2013, the Summer starred alongside Peter Dinklage in "fantasy" the comedy "The Knights of Badassdom." This work is currently last in the filmography of actress. In this project, also starring Peter Dinklage, Margarita Leviev, Ryan Kwanten and others.

PERSONAL LIFE of Summer Glau
Over the years, the actress met with different young people. Some novels have been transient, some turned out to be more successful. Today Summer Glau is an ongoing relationship with the photographer Cooper Reynolds. Their affair lasted for several years. All the familiar pair already being discussed rumors about the impending wedding.

Summer Glau