Tom Cruise (full name is Thomas Cruise Mapota IV) was the third child and only boy in a family of four children. Tom's mother was an actress, and his father - an engineer. My father always had problems with employment, so the family was forced to permanently relocate. As a child, Tom kept complexes about his short stature. In school, he chose to communicate the lower the children to their background appear higher. He wanted to be higher, so actively engaged in different kinds of sports. On learning he had a problem, most likely due to the fact that he suffered from dyslexia (a disease where the person does not properly perceive the letters and texts). Because of problems with learning, even Tom was transferred to a special group, but the boy was able to overcome his illness, after which he returned to a normal class. When he was 12 years old, his father abandoned them, so the family did not have enough money. Tom and his three sisters often moonlighting after school to get a little help his mother. About a year Tom went to the seminary, but then gave up and went to a regular college. In college, he began to participate in theatrical productions. It helped him to understand that the acting profession - this is his calling. Careers in Film Realizing that he wants to be an actor, Thomas in 1980, arrived in New York, changed his name to familiar to us, "Tom Cruise." Soon he was lucky and he got his first role in the film Endless Love, in 1981, which played the role of Billy.

However, a great recognition came to Tom Cruise after the movie Risks Business, 1983, in which brilliantly played the role of Joel Gudsi actor received $ 75 000. His success is an actor consolidated picture of Top Gun, 1985, in which he played Lt. Pete Mitchell "Maverick." For his role in this movie, Tom Cruise received a fee of $ 2 000 000. This picture became a classic film about pilots. His brilliant acting skills showed Thomas Cruise in the film Rain Man, 1988, which earned a role in this film is $ 3 000 000 (+% of the fees). Cruz was able to convey to the viewer the complex inner world of his hero. Actor showed a great game in the drama Born on the Fourth of July, 1989, where he played the role of a veteran of the Vietnam War, morally and physically crippled. For this role, Tom was nominated for "Oscar" as "Best Actor of the Year". Tom Cruise as a child wanted to play the hero, such as James Bond. His dream, he managed to bring to life in 1996 when he starred in Mission: Impossible, 1996. On the creation of this painting has been spent over 120 million dollars. The tape was a real commercial hit, bringing its creators 175 million dollars. Tom Cruise has received for its role as 70 million dollars. Most mental picture among the works of Tom Cruise can be called the movie "Jerry Maguire." The story tells about a sports agent who was able to reverse the cruel rules of business. The picture has collected in the US alone more than 150 million dollars. This film was nominated for an Oscar for Best Picture, Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor and Best Screenplay. For his role in this film, the actor received the "Golden Globe".

After that, Thomas Cruise starred with Nicole Kidman in the movie Stanley Kubrick Eyes Wide Shut, 1999. The shooting lasted for more than two years. In 2000, the screens released film starring Cruise's "Mission: Impossible 2," which took off John Woo. The film became a hit. With a budget of 120 million dollars, the picture has collected in hire more than 215 million, and outside the United States - still approximately 330 million dollars. During these years, has a very famous actor wanted to get the coveted "Oscar". In this regard, he hoped for "The Last Samurai" - such epic paintings kinoakademiki love. However, the film is not nominated for the "Oscar" in any of the main categories. Next was the movie "Collateral" by Michael Mann. Thanks to this film was created by a magnificent duo Cruise and Jamie Foxx, who was the most memorable film duo in the last ten years. However, the situation with the Oscar for Cruz again has not changed. The band was nominated for the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor. In 2005, Tom Cruise starred in collaboration with Steven Spielberg. And it was released film "War of the Worlds."

Cruise's next project will be painting "Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol." It is expected that the tape would be even more popular than its predecessors. Budget tapes will exceed $ 150 million. The shooting took place in Dubai, Prague, Moscow, Vancouver and Rajasthan. Tom Cruise will play in this sequel Ethan Hunt, who works at the IMF. After being accused of involvement in the bombing of the Kremlin to the IMF, the fund was closed. Because of this, Ethan Hunt and his new team, all have to make every effort to cleanse the name of their organization. The world premiere of the new sequel, scheduled for December 15, 2011.

Life of Tom Cruise (wife and children)
In 1987, Tom Cruise was married to actress Mimi Rogers. Modest wedding was played in the narrow circle of close friends. Through this marriage, Tom secured the image of a "good boy of Hollywood." Their marriage lasted three years. Everyone thought their marriage was perfect, but Cruise and Rogers divorced, allegedly due to the fact that Tom did not want to move from Mimi from New York to Los Angeles. After his marriage to Mimi Rogers, Tom married to actress Nicole Kidman. Divorce Tom worth 10 million. Dollars. In the same 2001 Tom Cruise and Penelope Cruz met on the set of the film "Vanilla Sky." Actors affair began. Soon the actress moved to his house in Beverly Hills. In spring 2004 the couple broke up, due to the fact that Cruz is constantly jealous of Tom to his ex-wife.

What is the name the current wife of Tom Cruise?
In 2005, Cruz began a relationship with 26-year-old Katie Holmes, who played the role in "Batman." They met on April 18 business meeting. April 29, Tom and Katie have come together on the David of Donatello awards ceremony. A month later, on Oprah he told Cruz that he loves Katie.

June 17, 2005 Tom made an offer to Kathy in a restaurant on the Eiffel Tower, giving her a diamond ring to 5 carats. The daughter of Tom Cruise and April 18, 2006 they had a little girl Suri Cruise and sygrali wedding on Saturday November 18, 2006 in the castle Castello Odescalchi, which is located 40 km from Rome, in the town of Bracciano. The ceremony was held Scientology minister. On svadme Cruise attended by over 150 guests.

Among the Hollywood stars come to the wedding, Jim Carrey, Russell Crowe, Will Smith, John Travolta, Kelly Preston, Brooke Shields, Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony, and Kirstie Alley. Honeymoon Tom and Katie spent in the Maldives.

Tom Cruise