Actor Thomas Jeffrey Hanks descendant of Abraham Lincoln. Tom's father served as a chef at a local restaurant, my mother worked as a waitress there. When he was 5 years old, her parents divorced, according to the law, the youngest child was with his mother and three older, including Tom, with his father. Dad went to work, and often moved from town to town. Children every time waiting for a new home, a new school and unfriendly neighbors. Future actor very homesick for her mother, and dreamed of one day meet her on his doorstep. However, he saw only the father of new women.

Tom was silent and reserved boy. From early childhood, he felt like a stranger in any company. In each school, Hanks was recorded in a theatrical circle and in 12 years has decided to become an actor. Father to son took this decision with skepticism, he did not believe that the "antics" can bring money.

In his youth, Tom Hanks began to take acting ability and bribing others for their sense of humor. The young actor enthusiastically went to the school stage and theatrical circles leaders strongly supported him. After school, Tom enrolled at the University of California in the acting department. The euphoria of study passed quickly. The theory proved to be too dry, the teachers were boring, and fellow students relied not on talent but on sounding names. Hanks was like the experimental setting, young directors, audacious women. All were surprised when Tom fall in love with a wayward classmate Samantha Lewis, who became his girlfriend. Despite the lack of family-actors Tom Hanks quickly made substantial progress on the theatrical stage. He played in "The Cherry Orchard" by Chekhov, after which he was invited to the Great Lakes Shakespeare Festival. There he played the groom in the production of "The Taming of the Shrew." It was the first big role. Do not take long, and the first awards.

After them, Tom decided to learn more useless, he left the university and, together with Samantha went into a small theater troupe that toured in time.

Abrupt changes
Tom married Samantha and soon became a father. With the birth of the son of life changed dramatically. The actor could not get the role. At home waiting for his wife and child, who stood above the creative ambitions. Tom spend the day running around the city in search of work and grasping at any proposal. In 1980, he starred in the film "He knows you are lonely", and then received an offer to work in the television series "Bosom buddies." Tom worked with pleasure, only to make money. They needed more and more as a daughter soon. On the set of "crony" Tom said Ron Howard and invited the lead role in this movie. In 1984 came the comedy "Splash" in her game fell Hanks viewers liking. Meanwhile, Tom was grasping at any job to please the family. As a result, he earned a number of failed paintings, among them "Volunteers," "Man with One Red Shoe," "Money Hole," "Volunteers," "bachelor party", "Nothing to do", "Every time we say goodbye forever."

The shocking discovery
While Tom disappeared for days on end at work, I start to perceive the wife of her husband as a machine for making money. Actor understood that he is also a man and a new coat or a car is not worth the victims with his hand. And when Samantha said it plans to go away for a week to relax without children, I realized, the wife has changed a lot. Hollywood bohemians also not much to complain about. Tom preferred to work in good faith and avoid the secular parties. As a result, the actor found himself a stranger in his own family and at work.

However, a few years later, Tom once again forced to talk about himself. In 1988 he appeared on the screen film "Big" about the boy in the guise of men. This work Hanks agreed with one thought - to tell the world about yourself. And so it happened. For his work Tom was awarded the prize "Golden Globe" with warm reviews from critics. Then the actor starred in "Raisin", "suburb", "Turner and Hooch". Commercial failure turned into a work of Tom in "The Bonfire of the Vanities" by Tom Wolfe novel. Critics have quarreled work and Hank Willis to the nines. I do not live up to expectations and the picture 90-year "Joe Versus the Volcano".

Streak of luck
In 1992, the actor starred in the movie "League of Their Own." It was Hanks' directorial debut. For the role of Tom even he gained weight and was irresistible in the form of crude and drunken coach of the women's baseball team. Creative victory was also a work of lyrical comedy "Sleepless in Seattle." Single father liked by the audience, and the painting itself has gathered a good cashier.

Unexpected role in the 1993 drama "Philadelphia" has helped Tom to change his role from the comic to dramatic. The actor has played the young homosexual AIDS patient, which ottorgnulo society. For the sake of the image even Hanks lost 10 kilograms, obrilsya heads, and worked, giving himself the most. For this, and he received the "Oscar", and became one of the most popular actors in Hollywood. However, the main triumph was ahead. On the screens out the film "Forrest Gump" and created a furor. Tom Hanks played with dignity rustic small, over which are constantly ridiculed. The tape made from this crowd favorite actor. "Forrest Gump" has collected a huge cash - $ 500 million, and the actor role earned six "Oscars", including the "Best Film of the Year." After the success of Tom decided to star in one film a year. So he wanted to be closer to family. So, in 1995, the actor starred in a fairly successful "Apollo - 13" Ron Howard. Modestly it adopted the romantic film "You've Got Mail", but the audience was delighted "Sleepless in Seattle." After Hanks again played the role of director and made a film "That Thing You Do!". Energize the star status of the picture "Saving Private Ryan" by Steven Spielberg in 1998. Became popular and the films "The Green Mile" and "Cast Away." I have done a lot of noise and drama, "Catch Me If You Can" and "Road to Perdition." After Tom Hanks became interested in producing. All records in the office broke the low-budget film "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" - box office amounted to more than $ 100 million. Longer - more "City of Ember," "The Great Buck Howard," "Evan Almighty," "Charlie Wilson's War." But today the latest work of the actor: "The Queen," "Angels and Demons," "Who Killed the Electric Car?", "Bombs and Tinseltauna action", "Pixar Story", "The Da Vinci Code." By the way, in the last scene, even casting the lead role was not carried out - it just gave Tom Hanks.

Personal life
After the breakup of his marriage to Samantha Lewis, Tom married actress Rita Wilson. With her actor met on the samples to the film "Volunteers". Tom liked some girl silence. Rita gave birth to Him sons Chester and Truman Theodore Marlon.

It is worth noting that Tom Hanks is not sick stellar disease. He leads a fairly modest life in Hollywood has a reputation for diligent father and husband. His name is rarely found in the yellow pages of publications.

Tom Hanks


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Hanks' films have grossed more than $4. 5 billion at U. S. and Canadian box offices and more than $9. 0 billion worldwide, making him the third highest-grossing actor in North America. Hanks has been nominated for numerous awards during his career. He won a Golden Globe Award and an Academy Award for Best Actor for his role in Philadelphia, as well as a Golden Globe, an Academy Award, a Screen Actors Guild Award, and a People's Choice Award for Best Actor for his role in Forrest Gump. In 1995 Tom Hanks became one of only two actors who won the Academy Award for Best Actor in consecutive years, with Spencer Tracy being the other. This feat had not been accomplished since. In 2004, he received the Stanley Kubrick Britannia Award for Excellence in Film from the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA). In 2014, he received a Kennedy Center Honor and, in 2016, he received a Presidential Medal of Freedom from President Barack Obama, as well as the French Legion of Honor.