Will Smith was the second of four children in the family of a school teacher and work of refrigeration companies. As a child, Will's school friend was referred to as "The Prince." This actor got the nickname because of the charm and podvershennomu language. The young man could deftly extricate himself from any trouble, it's great learning and even received an offer of a scholarship at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. However, Smith refused him as rather a career in show business. Since childhood, Will studied contemporary music, and so serious that rap became his profession.

Together with his best friend Jeff Tauson Will Smith formed the band "DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince." The duo sang songs that he wrote, Will, and none of the compositions was no profanity. Therefore, the recording group could buy adolescents without parental permission. This helped to make the project commercially successful. The duo is rapidly gaining popularity. For example, a single called "Parents just do not understand," became a hit. And two of the album quickly went platinum. By the way, we were the first rappers, who won the prestigious award "Grammy". Already in the 18 years of the famous Will Smith he learned that earn millions turned out to be spent, in fact, the singer earned a million of new debt, which have already had to pay. As luck would have it, at that time the popularity of the team began to subside.

And then Will Smith found a lifeline in the form of offers from the company «NBC». The young man was invited to play yourself, tough guy from West Philadelphia, who was in the area of ​​Hollywood celebrities of Beverly Hills in the television series "Fresh Prince of Bel-Air".

The series producer Quincy Jones lasted six years. And its success has allowed the actor to leave the debts and get into the professional Hollywood circles. And then, encouraged by their victories, Will decided to switch from TV to the big screen. The cinema Smith made his debut in 1992 in the film "A Day in the City of Angels", where a young man played a homeless Manni. Next it was successfully created an image of reckless guy in the movie "Made in America" ​​in 1993. And the critics took note of the actor on after his appearance in the Broadway hit "Six Degrees of Separation." First praised by critics and audiences have come to love Will Smith after the release of blockbuster "Bad Boys." Here, the actor appeared in the image of the police, together with Martin Lawrence. In 1996, the actor played the role of a heroic pilot captain who fought in the alien-fiction blockbuster "Independence Day." Acting career took off. He began to constantly do different proposals, and Will fees increased to $ 5 million for appearing in the film. The popular actor was fixed after an agent in the sci-fi film "Men in Black." A single from the blockbuster «Men in Black» brought back the popularity of Will-rapper. This theme song soared on top of the British charts. Smith immediately released two albums «Willenium» and «Big Willie Style», which also became successful.

At this point, the older stars was proud of Will. And even Whoopi Goldberg called the young man "sonny." Another victory was not long in coming. The actor starred with Gene Hackman in the movie "Enemy of the State". However, the following work, cowboy comedy "Wild, Wild West," directed by Barry Sonnenfeld, became a failure. But the track from the movie again conquered the US charts.

Further, the actor starred in the iconic role of Muhammad Ali in the biopic "Ali." This picture has changed the actor. According to him, he reached the limit of their physical, spiritual, emotional possibilities. The actor prepared for the role seriously. He exhausted himself 6-hours of training, sitting on boxing diet as a result of recovered 15 kilograms. In addition, Will taught language and refused to have sex for a while, like his hero. After the release of pictures even Smith need not have worried about his future. Each year, the actor appeared in several films. But he was still playing stupid cops and wrestlers with aliens. Will regularly joked and a joker in the movie "Men in Black" and the film "Bad Boys - 2". At this time, the actor decided to move to a dramatic role, to find the peace of the professional balance. The key work of Smith - willful and serious role in the detective thriller "I, Robot!" Alex Proyas. Will this work satisfied.

The following years, Will Smith carefully chosen roles, he undertook significant only for the characters, not the ordinary. So, the heroes of the actor became a doctor-matchmaker in the melodrama, 2005 "Rule removal: Hitch" optimistic in the drama, biography, 2006 "The Pursuit of Happyness." In 2007, the man was the sole survivor in New York City after a dangerous virus from the movie "I - a legend." Following appeared in love with a terminally ill girl in a drama titled "7 lives". But then followed a landmark work in the film "Hancock" with Atticus Shaffer and Charlize Theron.

Personal life
Three years Will Smith lived with his wife Cherie Zampion. In 1995, actor and divorced two years later he married longtime girlfriend and actress Dzhazhe Pinkett. I will met with her during her trial for the role of partner with Smith's series about The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Then thin and fragile Jada came not a huge two-meter Will Smith and the girl left with nothing. But later, in the privacy of the actors approached each other perfectly. In marriage, a son Jaden and daughter Willow.

Interesting Facts
According to the readers of the magazine "People" in 1998, Will Smith was named one of the 50 most beautiful people in the world.

Actor and singer in 2008, was the first place the list of the highest paid actors in Hollywood, "Forbes." Will earned $ 80 million for the year. Smith became the first actor in the history of Hollywood movies in a row, eight of which grossed a hundred million dollars.

Will Smith


Wiki info

In 2016, Smith played Deadshot in the supervillain team-up action film Suicide Squad. [44] Smith's inclusion in Suicide Squad meant choosing it over Independence Day: Resurgence, which he turned down due to seeing his involvement in the sequel as "clinging and clawing backwards. "[45] Later that year, Smith starred in director David Frankel's drama Collateral Beauty, playing a New York advertising executive who succumbs to a deep depression after a personal tragedy. [46] Weeks after signing Smith onto the film, his father was diagnosed with cancer, from which he died in 2016. [47] As part of his role required him to read about religion and the afterlife, he was brought closer to the elder Smith, calling the experience "a beautiful way to prepare for a movie and an even more majestic way to say goodbye to my father. "[48] Smith will portray The Genie (originally played by Robin Williams in the 1992 animated film) in a live-action film adaptation of Disney's Aladdin directed by Guy Ritchie. [49]