Xzibit - full real name Alvin Nathaniel Joiner - a talented American who can, do not hesitate to rank among the best representatives of the world of contemporary art. Clearly describe the kind of activity this black guy pretty hard, because his career has made the hero of our today's success and recognition in many of the most diverse industries.

Currently, he is known as a musician, actor and TV presenter. It is this versatility and the rapper makes it so interesting subject for study. After his stage name Xzibit (exhibit) is not accidental.

Early years
The future idol of millions - Alvin Nathaniel Joiner - was born on January 8, 1974 in Detroit. At this point, he spent his childhood. But it is unlikely our today's hero could call it the happiest time in his life. The fact is that the mother of the future actor had died when he was only nine years old. After that, the boy's father remarried and moved with his new wife in New Mexico. Because of hostility on the part of the adoptive mother living in a new family has always evolved to Alvin is not very rosy. Soon, everything else also added a quarrel with his father, who mainly defended the position of the new spouse. As a result of all this Xzibit I was on the street. His own father abandoned him, but because Man was sent to an orphanage.

At this point, our today's hero lived until his adulthood. But later again it runs into trouble. He was arrested for possession of weapons and orphanage soon gave way to the colony for minors. Perhaps it was the time spent in prison, it has allowed the artist to understand that the criminal world was not for him, and therefore he should seek for itself a fundamentally different path in life. As a result, after a short period of his release Xzibit decided to do music. Driven by a new idea, he moved to California and already there began to develop his artistic talent. It is worth noting that the music (or rather hip-hop), our today's hero was fond since the age of ten. Even in his youth he often wrote his own compositions, as well as working together with your friends to improve their tracks. Thus, to seventeen years (at the time of moving to California), the guy has been behind some experience musical performances. Xzibit worked on himself and methodically made his way to the big stage. And in the end, this approach has borne fruit.

Star Trek
At the beginning of his career, Alvin has worked mainly with the project Likwit Crew, which united several hip-hop groups from the western US states. Parallel to this, he also helped in the creation of new songs the group Tha Alkoholiks, which for some time has also collaborated with Likwit Crew. But the real breakthrough in the career of a musician began in 1996-th year. During this period, our today's hero released his first studio album - «At the Speed ​​of Life», which brought him his first well-deserved popularity.

Despite the fact that millions of dividend record still has not brought the critics rather praised first album of Xzibit. Among connoisseurs of the young rapper appeared also well-known producer Dr. Dre. With his support, it was recorded a second solo album - "40 Dayz & 40 Nightz». One of the most famous songs of the album was the song «What U See Is What U Get», which was later included in some editions of the list of the best rap songs of all time. It was this song and opened the way to our current hero on the big stage. His second album immediately after the publication became a hit. At this point, our today's hero could feel for the first time established a celebrity. Subsequently, Xzibit has recorded five successful albums. Some of his records have become "gold" on the basis of sales. However, the real star Alvin did not just this circumstance. In 1999, the renowned musician has played in the film "White Crow", which was only the first item in his long film career. Xzibita work as an actor has received numerous accolades of critics, but because then our today's hero began to get roles in movies much more often. Among the most popular works of actor appear on such films as "8 Mile," "The X-Files: I Want to Believe," "Derailed", "Bad Lieutenant," "second chance", as well as many others. Over the years, Alvin partners on the set became Eminem, Clive Owen, Gillian Anderson, David Duchovny, and many other famous actors. Currently, filmography actor has more than twenty films. As an actor Xzibit works to this day. In 2014, the screens should reach a new tape with his participation - thriller «A Little Off the Top».

XZIBIT and "Pimp My Ride"
In addition to music and film creativity Xzibit is also known as an actor voicing (mainly computer games), as well as a leading well-known TV project "Pimp My Ride". As the main character of the existing transmission MTV's our today's hero he worked for three years. In addition, as a leading Xzibit appeared at various festivals and ceremonies (MTV EMA 2004 and others.).

Over the years, our today's hero met with a variety of bright beauties from the world of show business. For a time he was engaged to the British model Eyshiey Brightwell (Eishia Brightwell), but she later left him because of the new novel (with rapper Asher). Subsequently, while Xzibit also met with a model named Karin Stefans, but also their relationship disintegrated. In addition, Xzibit is the father of a son named Tremayne. Another child of a famous musician died in infancy.



Wiki info

Xzibit started the year with the release of a compilation album Likwit Rhymes, which featured mostly previously unreleased material from his earlier recordings and a guest spot on Bitch Please II, along with Eminem, Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre and Nate Dogg. His breakthrough came with his third studio album Restless, with Dr. Dre as executive producer and guest appearances by Snoop Dogg, Nate Dogg, Eminem, Dr. Dre, DJ Quik and the Alkaholiks, among others, which sold almost 2 million copies and was certified platinum. It spawned three singles, the most successful being "X", which peaked at number 76 in the U. S. , 14 in the UK and 4 in Germany. The album climbed to number 12 in America. Dr. Dre invited Xzibit to perform on his American Up in Smoke Tour in mid-2000, which featured Snoop Dogg, Eminem, and Ice Cube, among many others. The same year, he also starred in the direct-to-video crime film Tha Eastsidaz by the group of the same name and was a playable character in the football game Madden NFL 2001. He continued to star in films involving fellow rap artists such as The Wash, co-starring Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg, in 2001 and The Slim Shady Show and 8 Mile, co-starring Eminem, in 2001 and 2002, respectively. He released two concert films in 2001, Xzibit: Restless Xposed, centered around the recording of his third studio album and various live-performances and was also seen in Tha Alkaholiks: X. O. The Movie Experience by the rap group of the same name. He also released a compilation album of songs that featured him, entitled You Better Believe It.