CHILDHOOD of Zooey Deschanel
Zooey Deschanel (Zooey Deschanel Claire) was born in California. She has Irish, French, Scottish and Austrian roots. Father - Caleb Deschanel, director and cameraman, Academy Award nominee; mother - Mary Jo Weir, an actress. The parents named in honor of the daughter of the famous story of the protagonist Dzh.Selindzhera Zoe Glass. Zoya has an older sister, Emily, also an actress. She is known to the public thanks to starring in the sitcom "Bones." Deschanel family resided in Los Angeles. But Zoe's childhood passed in constant traveling, as his father preferred to shoot real-life locations. The actress admitted that all these trips could not stand and I felt depressed and miserable whenever she had to leave with my friends and go to a place devoid of the usual benefits. Zoe attended a private school, Crossroads (Santa Monica, a suburb of Los Angeles). In school, she is fond of singing and dreaming of a career in music. After high school, Zoe went to Northwestern University. But to get a higher education she never had - she dropped out after seven months in order to devote his life to the art of cinema.

Movie career of Zooey Deschanel, filmography
In 1998, Zoe was invited to cameo in the television series "Veronica's Salon", and a year later she made her debut in a feature film in the comedy film "Dr. Mumford" (directed by Lawrence Kasdan). In 2000, the actress played the role of elder sister of the protagonist of the musical drama "Almost Famous" (directed by Cameron Crowe). Despite the small box office, critics responded very warmly about the film. During this period, Zoe also appeared on the screens in the video for the song «She's Got Issues» punk band The Offspring and «Idiot Boyfriend» John Fallon. At the beginning of his acting career Zoe received many invitations to the shooting, but they were mostly supporting roles. She performed a number of supporting roles in such films as "manic" (2001, directed by Jordan Melamed), "The Good Girl" (2002, directed by Miguel Arteta), "Forsaken" (2002, directed by Stephen Geoghegan), and also played in an episode of the popular TV series "Freyzer" (2002, episode «Kissing Cousin»). In 2003, the Los Angeles Times wrote that Deschanel became famous precisely because of his sardonic way of the protagonist's best friend. In the same year, giving up a few works of the second plan, Zoe was approved at the first major role - the role of 18-year-old Noel in the drama of David Gordon Green's "All the Real Girls." For performing this role Deschanel was nominated for film award "Independent Spirit" in the category "Best Actress." Later, the actress starred in the hit comedy "Elf", which was the first commercially successful motion picture with her participation. 2004 brought Zoe role in the film "Crazy funeral."

In 2005 she got the image of Trillian in the cult film "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" - the film adaptation of the popular science-fiction novel by Douglas Adams. Overall, since 2005, the actress began to appear on the screen more often. In 2005, she played the main character in the movie "Living the winter" in 2006 starred in the movie "Failure to Launch" and "Live Free or Die." From 2006 to 2007 Deschanel played in the sitcom "Datura" (four episodes). In 2006, she was chosen for the role of an outstanding singer 60s Janis Joplin in the film "The Gospel of Janice." But first shooting was postponed for an unknown period of time and later, in 2011, refused to do the project, which could not upset the actress - she studied for three years to imitate the voice of Joplin. The year 2007 was very productive for atkrisy: She has two films for children (drama "Bridge to Terabithia" and the voice of the animated film "Surf's Up"), the main role in minisitkome "Enchanted Kingdom" as well as voice children's book «Players in Pigtails ».

In 2008, the voice actress of Mary in "The Simpsons" and also starred in the thriller "Phenomenon" and the popular comedy films "Always say" Yes "." Later, in 2009, he performed the main character Zoey melodrama "500 Days of Summer." The film was warmly received by critics and was nominated for film award "Golden Globe" as best film. In 2011, Deschanel starred in the comedy film "Your Highness", and in September the same year, she performs the role of the protagonist sitcom "newcomer."

MUSICAL CAREER of Zooey Deschanel
Zooey Deschanel is also a talented musician. She - the author and performer of soundtracks to many movies with her participation. Zoe sings in the movie "tough guy," "Elf," "Bridge to Terabithia," "Always say" Yes "," "500 Days of Summer" and in the short film "Delirious," the television musical "Once on a mattress" and many other motion pictures and animated films. Deschanel is the author and performer of the main theme of the series "newcomer." Zooey Deschanel is not only a good voice, but also has a game on keyboards, ukulele and banjo. In 2001, Zoe and her friend actress Samantha Shelton created a jazz cabaret duo «If All the Stars Were Pretty Babies».

In 2007, Matt Ward, previously played with it, the news of the work on the debut album Deschanel, consisting of songs by her authorship. Soon it became known that Matt and Zoe were united in a duo called She & Him. In March 2008 they released their first album «Volume One». Two years later, in March 2010, the duo released their second CD, «Volume Two», and in this regard, toured Europe and the States. In 2009, Zoe has worked with the organization Cotton Incorporated, writing for advertising song «The Fabric of My Life». A cover version of the song Buddy Holly «It's So Easy» by Deschanel became a tribute album «Listen to Me: BuddyHolly» (2011). «A Very She & Him Christmas» - the latest on today work the duo She & Him, a collection of Christmas songs, released in October 2011.

PERSONAL LIFE of Zooey Deschanel
In September 2009 Zoe was married to Ben Gibbard (musician, singer Death Cab for Cutie). The couple broke off relations after 2 years in November 2011. In December of the same year, Deschanel filed for divorce, explaining such a turn of "irreconcilable differences." The couple was officially divorced in December 2012.

Before Zoe compliance vegan diet, but in March 2010 in an interview for the magazine «Health» actress said that her medical condition are forced to abandon it. Zoya is allergic to milk, eggs and wheat.

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Deschanel had a guest appearance on the television series Veronica's Closet in 1998 and made her film debut in Lawrence Kasdan's comedy Mumford (1999), revolving around the neurotic residents in a small town and co-starring Hope Davis, Jason Lee, Alfre Woodard and Mary McDonnell. Also in 1999, she appeared (non-singing) in the music video for The Offspring's single "She's Got Issues". Deschanel co-starred in Cameron Crowe's semi-autobiographical Almost Famous (2000), where she played Anita Miller, the rebellious older sister of a teenage journalist. Despite a modest box office response, the film received critical praise, winning the Golden Globe Award for Best Film – Musical or Comedy. Deschanel appeared in the independent drama Manic (2001), as the love interest of a troubled teen (Joseph Gordon-Levitt). The film was screened at the Sundance Film Festival and received a limited theatrical release. The New York Times found Deschanel to be "particularly spontaneous, unaffected and emotionally direct" in her role.